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One of the things that the families has done, we have started our own alliance, which is called the Negro leagues, players, and families alliance. And so with that being said, you'll hear more of us working together as one voice. Promoting illegal leagues, promoting our descendants and just getting to more awareness of these great players. And I would say this where I turn with a tad, you know, you know, the pandemic, you know, we had a bad year in the pandemic. In 2020, but I think it also brought a lot of us together. There's a lot of people I have met I will never have met with this whole campaign process just going through the pandemic. A lot of things has changed during a pandemic, a lot of things has changed on the whole black lives matters movement. You know, some people feel as though that negotiations would not be going to Major League Baseball record books if it wasn't for the Black Lives Matter movement. And so the pandemic in 2020 was an interesting year. And we were going to try to capitalize on that and bring these all these guys to Ted, do you have anything to add to that? Well, yeah. We touched on, well, first of all, Sean's right on 42 for 21 is not going to be static. We're going to publish this list and then now here's where we do need to recruit others because I'm not a writer. Gary's an excellent writer. What little I've read is Sean, he can write. I'm not a writer. But Gary's intent is for us to publish monthly might be a little ambitious, but an article, of course, Ben, you certainly can submit, but we will be posting with an eye towards the hall, but not necessarily just the hall. So that's one aspect. But I wanted to comment about other improvements to the hall system that we can advocate and one as Sean was talking about the makeup of the voters. The whole their vet com typically has Hall of Famers, executives and writers. And God bless them all of them know their baseball, but the Negro leagues go back now 75 years. So if you watch them as a teenager, you're 93. You know, so there's really not too many people who have a great knowledge there. So I think it's important to bring back an expression. I don't like using, but a segregated committee, you know, segregated segregated to Negro league expertise and about segregated to Negro leaguers only. In order to get this job done right, these are players who were punished by segregation, and now they're punished by integration of a Hall of Fame ballot. And that shouldn't be allowed. There are 37 now players in the hall as Negro leaguers with Biden buck just joining that list. Of them, 33 of them went on from segregated ballots. Only buck and bud and rube and ray dandridge went in from integrated ballots. So I think that's another improvement that can be made to the current system as ugly a word as segregation is. I think it's necessary because of the history of the country, unfortunately, prior to 47 and continuing through this day. As you noted in the press release, you're not necessarily saying put all 42 people on your list in, although I guess you probably wouldn't object. But you also write there even if all of those 42 were to be added to the Hall of Fame it would still bring the percentage of black and Latino players from the segregated era to 34%, which is ten percentage points or 22% less than the 44% representation of black and Latino players in the integrated at era. So if you just go by the math, it seems like there is a lot of ground to make up there potentially. And of course, you did not have opportunities for a lot of black and with players to play during that era, at least at a high level in professional leagues. So I guess that makes it more difficult, but even so there's a long way from proportional representation there. And a lot of great candidates who are still outside the black room there. And as the press relief mentions, we're not looking for proportional representation 30% would be an improvement, of course. But I don't feel that there's what's the old remedy quota. I'm not looking for a quota system here because that would also limit the number of entries and I'm not so sure of 42 covers everyone. I just want to give a fair and just look at everyone in wherever it falls. It falls. Certainly 17% doesn't do the job. Well, we wish you both the best with your efforts and we will link to the press release and the list of players from the poll results. And of course, you can find out more about 42 for 21 at 42 for 21 dot org. You can also find the Josh Gibson foundation at Josh Gibson dot org. We have been speaking to Ted nor and Sean Gibson. Thanks very much, guys. Thank you. All right, we will take a quick break now, and when we come back, we will be joined by doctor Sally yerkovich of Columbia University. We'll tell us what the.

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