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I would do something. I wanna do it but real quick. I gotta bring you up to speed here if you will recall on january eighth two thousand twenty one. Nancy pelosi said according to cnn she had received top level assurances. Our nuclear arsenal was safe and nothing bad would happen etc etc etc will now we know that martin elite the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff called. Nancy pelosi said he was afraid for donald trump's mental stability and had taken steps to make sure that he could not launch any attacks. And also we now know from bob woodward robert costa book. That's coming out that mark molly on his own called his counterpart in china and said. Don't worry if the president orders an attack. I will call you ahead of time until you. It's coming so it's not a surprise. The chairman of the joint chiefs of staff did that. If what woodward in customer true that's treasonous behaviour. He serves at the pleasure of the president of the united states. He went around the sitting president of the united states. And if he did that to trump he can do that for another leader. He disagrees with this is putting him in charge in a way he is not meant to be. And just so. We're clear here if you think what miley did was good and i understand i. I totally understand miley thought. He was serving american interests. I get that. But that's not his role that's not his role in if he thought that about trump would about a president who possibly has mild were series dementia. This is the problem he can't do this. This is the problem. And if you're not upset about it because of trump don't be upset about it when it happens to democratic president. It's the precedent that matters. It's the precedent that matters. No donald trump should not have started. A war with china should not have done that. And it's good that our military possibly put in place ways to defuse the situation if they really thought he was completely unstable based on their up close observations that you and i don't have but it's not their place but on top of that. It's really not their place even if they did something like that and miley also tried to order or did successfully order some Wargames operations in the south china sea to be postponed but it is absolutely fundamentally not his place to reach out to his chinese counterpart and say hey Don't worry if if the president were attack. I'll make sure you know in advance. That's that's not his place that is not his place and he should be fired for it now. I wanna move on from there. I will take your phone calls. Eight seven.

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