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Anyway. All right before we go, let's do dirty laundry as well. Let's let's let's let's put out the best signal for that. Send us us at one shining pod false on Twitter too. If you're into that sort of thing, if you want to if you're I don't know, but but your your your laundry stories, we're going to bring that back next week, our people do you check the DMZ style. It's been a while. I'm not gonna lie to you. I don't have the past exercise right now. Do you have do you have the password? Can you open it right now it? Yeah. Let's do it. Let's do an exercise where I don't check the first one. Yeah. Just like read read like just pick a random DM that we have not read and probably six months and see what's going on. In the meantime, I'm gonna I'm gonna put out the call to the people we're going to bring back dirty laundry shit. You guys know the password confirm item. I don't know. Look at it. I have no idea what the past. Did whatever gets tweeted is not I. The president. We'll figure it out by next week. We'll send us in the DMZ your your stories about, you know, college basketball coaches that you saw on campus or just all your laundry, you, you know, what the segment is also good guy, bad guy. We'll be back. It will it will be the most confusing segment and. To this year is a good guide and back guy, and I saw Steve bad guy or bag. And if you can't hear me, I'm done. What do you mean by good guys? Hear me. Thank you up. That's where I'm at in terms of Steve Levin and a picture with Jay, right? We're gonna have you seen the picture of show to after this wearing literally the biggest Adidas logo you'll ever see and your title the sweatshirt is entire body. And it says an Adidas sign Evans doing this bad guy. That's my that's my honor. I first Bagai the season. Steve Levin will cannot wait. We'll bring a bad. Yeah. It was it was the most. But that became part of the charm was how confused. This year because this Jerome seasons. Roby earning. We'll do Kyle's guy. Kyle's got so So good. getting toward a week. Good guy. Bad guy calls guy cows guy, cows guy. What about cows guy where Kentucky player who's not terrible. This week is like the really proud of edgy hairs what he was able to do for the Cavs last win over the Hornets, the NBA guy. Yeah. That'd be good. I was thinking like I was thinking like the one guy is not fucking up for the Kentucky team. Share quiet green. Yeah. Quite is. Always that thirty point games Calvin four thirty so yes, since you're diem, most your dirty laundry stories, we're going to bring that back. We're also I wanna I wanna put out the the best signal for the club trill belt that I I've mentioned before if you're if you're listening to this, and you're a player your college basketball player a walk on mostly walk on probably gonna have better chance to win it. But you can be a scholarship got to it doesn't matter. We don't discriminate. No. But also division. One men only. But also be a D one Email me one shining pod at gmaiLcom and and sign up for this contest. Where I am giving a replica WW championship belt. Accustomed one. You saw Kevin love wearing one over shoulder when the council and the title, I'm doing the same thing. We are giving out a bell to whichever player gets the most trillions in college basketball this year, we have like fifteen guys I want to say signed up right now..

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