President Trump, Senate, FOX discussed on The Sean Hannity Show


Of this and i agree with judicial watch they're now urging sessions sees the fbi computer do it now i mean you know ask paul manafort by the way because fbi investigators seldom hesitate they cnn in collecting evidence when when they want it why not do it now at this point congress is investigating the department of justice they'll have not and the fbi they will have no communications with them because they or believing at the highest levels in congress that all of this was abused and then we've got this story out today that in a wall fbi gate that's the bombshell one after another exploding that the manner at the center of the worst scandal in the bureau's history james colmey while he's busy tweeting away because it oh congressman john ratcliffe tweeted quote the thousands attacks that trade county and i reviewed today revealed manifest bias among top fbi officials against president trump both before and after president trump was elected we know that they hated both struck in at least a page hated them in o f trump and the rest of it the text between them but the text then talk about struck and page referencing a secret society what's the secrets society and a little more than three hours later the disgraced fbi director james colmey he appeared to respond to a ratcliffe sweep with a cryptic message good to read reports of people standing up for what they believe it the ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience but where he stands at times will challenge and controversy mlk which begs the question call me the chair it was the chairman of this secret antitrump society no he he's so high for luton things he that the end of the day him giving hillary the pass him giving her the paris meant that she got to continue to run for president they cleared the way for her if it was donald trump he would have been arrested and charged ambient it's unbelievable anyway you may think back if you remember colmey testimony member was specially clothes closely coordinated with the special counsel remember that a source close to james colmey told fox news at the time that the former fbi director senate testimony had been closely coordinated with robert muller robert muller didn't have this job but for james colmey.

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