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Remembering former president the top story on KRLD. I Mitch cards eleven oh three. Thank you very much for joining us as you heard on CBS news. George H W Bush remains being escorted from Ellington field in Houston. And and the casket will lie in state in the capitol rotunda in the nation's capital starting this evening on through Wednesday morning and in the state funeral service at Washington National cathedral on Wednesday along motorcade, accompanied the hearse from Houston funeral home to Ellington field as service members of military band and former President Bush forty-three in his family awaited, the arrival hundreds of people have signed books at the George W Bush presidential center in Dallas leaving messages for the Bush family KRLD's, Allen sky has been talking with people who stopped by people can sign the guest book for free one couple from Missouri stopped here on their way to south Texas. We're from independence, and we we got a president in our own town. Harry, others say they just felt the connection to the Bush family, even apart from politics, obviously, they were educated and wealthy, but they acted normal and friendly. To normal people. In addition to signing, the book, some people have left flowers, candles and car, it's along a fountain outside the museum at the George W Bush library museum, Allen sky NewsRadio. Ten eighty KRLD was a naval aviator an R N C chairman congressman an ambassador to the UN head of the CIA vice president and then commander in chief President George H W Bush's career in public service remains largely unmatched university of Houston political science, professor Brandon rotting house says no one will come close stabbing that kind of resume that he gets a lot of credit for was being a fixer. He took over the helm of the CIA at a time where things were in tremendous disarray. He was party chairman at a time where obviously scandals had racked American politics. He served a congress at time where there was turmoil domestically and in terms of foreign policy. So he was somebody who was a real fixture. He could get the job done, man. It turns other one of President Bush's secret pleasures was a little place on an would at Harry Hines in Dallas the. Side of the original Sonny Bryan's true story.

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