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Mr. Callscreener this question right before we came on the air. Are there? No, women members of congress who sexually harass anybody. I mean that that would be unique wouldn't Mr. producer. Story if the story about female teachers molesting students, I'm not kidding saying they're out there. You see them all the time. I'm just rather shot that congress. There's a lot of women in congress. Now Senate my house staffers. Do they not harass any men or boys or other women? Apparently not. Fairly lessening fairly interesting. Can a lot of ways I can go today. There's really a ton going on on this lovely Friday. We're training and the Washington DC area in Virginia. And by the way, a reminder on waters world, eight PM eastern tomorrow Saturday. Am I favored show because I do it life. Liberty and Levin. Ten pm Sunday eastern time seven Pacific Lara Logan. Is our guest for the full hour. She's terrific. Reading these stories. They're still going on that are turning general. Now, this is the second time, he's been attorney general. He's highly highly regarded as an outstanding lawyer. And they want to subpoena his read the report, which is a joke. He's accused of a cover up which is a joke. He's bought and paid for which is a joke. So now he's under attack. And then of course as we discussed yesterday. The New York Times says a phony story. On sources anonymous sources who know other anonymous sources about how they disagree. There's differences on the special counsel team. Over collusion. But who cares? And the New York Times pushes this stuff. And don't be surprised over the weekend particularly on Sunday when they're really pushing that arcane big thick newspaper that they sell out there. Which of course, oh to be confronted oughta be targeted by the environmentalists losing using all that paper. But anyway, the point is that then your times stirring it up there. Washington Post's, stirring it up. What are we what is this all about? Subpoenas. The attorney general's covering up. What is this all about? Why do the newsroom's go along with this stuff? You know, I hinted several months ago about a gentleman by the name of Boston. Professor boston. And he would eventually become. The head of the library congress prepared at time. But he was a brilliant brilliant. Manny historian at the university of Chicago, Daniel borstal. Widely esteemed. Any wrote about Shuto events, which we've touched on before. But I really want to dig into a little bit today you enter into the weekend. Many of you on your cars. Your your rush hour. You're getting ready to get in your cars. You're at home safely listening to think about this phrase Shuto events. We know about propaganda, but pseudo events are different. They can be propaganda. Any wrote way back fifty eight years ago about pseudo events. Very prescient, man. And he said we need not be theologians to see that. We have shifted responsibility for making the world interesting from God. To the newspaper man, we used to believe there were only so many events in the world if there were not many intriguing or startling consequences. It wasn't the fault of the reporter. He couldn't be expected to report with did not exist. Within the last hundred years though, and especially the twentieth century. All this has changed. We expect the papers to be full of news. And if there's no news visible to the naked eye or to the average citizen. We still expected to be there for enterprising newsmen. The successful reporter is one who can find a story, even if there's no earthquakes or assassination or civil war. If he cannot find the story, then he must make one. He must make one by the questions. He asks public figures by the surprising human interest in folds from some commonplace event. Or by these so-called news behind the news. And if all that fails. Then must give us a think piece..

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