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Welcome Back Ladies and gentlemen to another jam. Packed morning edition. We will be having to guests on the show and we are talking heavyweight boxing. It is fight month wilder fury the rematch repeat. I hope not revenge for either man but Andre Ward believes that this is the number one and number two now. We kind of had this sidebar topic laid earlier this week when and we discussed this topic that one of our Patriots posted on our community page. Basically saying anyone believing that too winner of this particular fight between wilder and fury makes them number. One is damn right ridiculous. Don't know about Boxing Derek. Casual or the just showing their bias. So now that I hear Andre Ward saying that the number one and number two and he such an accomplished boxer in the world not only a boxer but a commentator now he's an analyst for ESPN. I have to ask my listeners. Is Andre Ward showing American bias? Or is he talking straight fags or is it just fight high propaganda? So this is what we're going to be talking about this going to be discussing. Plus we got to jam packed interviews truck Lorenzo Simpson trained by Calvin four out of that devante Davis Jim in the Baltimore. Dnv Area and we'll have if all goes well free weight. Ricky Ross the Real Rick Ross now in the box and business with a big deal with impact television who also has an APP from what I found out yesterday so you know you can even watch it that way. But that's anyone out to Indiana. Good Morning Michael. Gross Dubose speak it believing receivers speaker believe receive speaking for receive and I can't see.

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