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Looking for a new podcast. Listen to. here's what we love. Courtesy of a-cash recommends shame on any politician introducing these hateful mean-spirited and discrimatory bills. That are anti american. I'm amara jones. Come join me in a new podcast presented by translation media. What the other side is arguing for is constitutional rights to not have to share space with trans people from the heritage foundation to the devos family. I'll show you that. The anti translate movement is far deeper and more chilling than you could have ever imagined. You know they're really going into communities and stirring up trouble. This is how you establish minority rule. Subscribe to the anti translate machine plot against equality wherever you listen to podcasts. Cash copycat and tom. That'll take a brief look at some of the other stories making using science this week with the signs report a new study which is yet to be. Peer reviewed suggests that people who second shot. It's the fis vaccine. After a first short of the astrazeneca jab may develop better immune protection than those given to astrazeneca doses. Now it's important to point. These are only pulmonary results from a very small study but they do follow several other studies from the uk. Spain and germany which have produced similar positive preliminary findings on the immune response however scientists warned that all. These studies are still far too small to provide a definitive recommendation. The findings come in the wake of canada's decision to change its recommendation i'm mixing vaccines and now recommend that people receive astrazeneca as the first dose should get fires during up for their second shot. Australia recently announced that it was phasing out. The astrazeneca vaccine following tj approval of madonna and access to additional doses of the pfizer vaccine the world health organization now estimates more than eight million people have been killed by the covid nineteen coronavirus with more than four million confirmed fatalities and more than one hundred and eighty million people infected since the deadly disease. I spread out of war and china. Unesco is recommended that the great barrier reef placed on a list of heritage sites that are in danger. The world's largest coral reef has suffered three major bleaching events since two thousand fifteen ju to global warming. Unesco says the riff should be placed on the list of the world heritage committee meeting next month. The recommendation also urges australia to take accelerated action at all possible levels on polluted water from run off and on climate change the latter a rather interesting request included at the insistence of china which currently hits unesco especially considering. China produces a third of the world's greenhouse gases and australia's entire annual greenhouse. Gas output is low than china's annual increase in carbon dioxide production. His pasco's controversial book dark. Amy it looks like it has no feathers after being slammed by some of australia's leading scientists. The an anthropologist paid a satin and respected archaeologists kieran walsh supported by many other academics have produced. What many are calling the definitive critique of pasco's dark emu the eminent scientists new book farmers or hunter gatherers document debate meticulously visceral pasco's book forensically examining the claims. He makes and accusing him of a lack of true scholarship ignoring aboriginal opinions and traditional aboriginal culture they accuse pasko of editing the original colonial observations until they fitted his personal narrative. They say that while duckie me purports to be factual. It is in fact littered with source material. It's poorly researched. It distorts and exaggerates many points. It selectively emphasizes evidence to sue the authors opinions and it ignores lodge bodies of information that don't support pasquas narrative. That's also of you supported by peter o'brien's book bitter harvest the illusion of aboriginal agricultural. Bruce pasco's dark emu bit harvest was another forensic examination. Which showed that. Bruce pasqua amidst the starts and mischaracterizes important permission to such an extent that as purported history doc. Mu is worthless and promoted divisive. victim-based agenda that pits one australian against another the far left wing australian broadcasting corporation the. Abc has strongly back pasco's book with at least twenty six abc journalists and broadcasters promoting pasco's claims in dark emu however in an article for the conversation honorary senior australian national university. Electric christine judith nichols says the willingness to accept pasco's argument reveals a systematic area of failure in the australian education system. She points out that while. Some of described doc eighty was fabrication. Sutton walter more measured pathetically showing that index emu pesca has moved significant passages from publication which contradict objectives. This cherry picking is designed to support. Pasco's contention that aboriginal people were farmers undertook the took sophisticated aquiculture and lived in houses in towns of a thousand people nichols says that on the basis of long-term research and observation sutton wars portray classical australian aboriginal people as highly successful hunter gatherers and fishes. She says in the book. I assert that there was an is nothing simple primitive about hunter gatherer officials labor practices which has a complexity that was and in many cases still is underpinned by high levels of spiritual and belief and you study has discovered why people are afraid of the dog other that is in the fear of walker be lurking their wedding to ham you a report in the journal plus one is found that a section of the brain used for processing emotions could be the reason for your fear that doc scientists at monash university found the amid dealer collection of brain cells that plays a role in regulating emotion and fear could be the key. Research is scan the brain activity of twenty four people as they are exposed to light and dark and found. That light was suppressing activity in the della and allows for greater connection to other sections of the brain that assists in regularity and expressing fear or forget covid nineteen international politics when it comes to internet click bait. It's hard to beat stories on alien life and flying sources and proof of that is the latest video. That's been doing the rounds on the net in india. Tim minimum from from australian. Skeptic says vision shows what looks like a strange alien like humanoid creature walking.

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