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I did get your enough time I'll get you a giraffe but he he played in a I forget the name of the club now it's in the story I wrote about him but he was this he was a like college kids from weaver would come down to see him in this club and it got so popular and they were they wanted him to play this club all the time and he said well I'll play here but you gotta let black people in yeah it was a segregated Clark there was a time they would let black performers and yeah but just regular people couldn't come yeah regular black people can come and watch which is ridiculous and he said well play your club every night if you want but you got to segregate I won't play it are you desegregated I won't play segregated club and they did the current show me queen hundred years I would have to be our background music all the time crash is down pioneer crossing approaching eleventh Weston Lee high the right lane and shoulder blocked and only one left lane open rational phone redwood road perching twenty one hundred north both lanes are blocked action long which is you know four wheel driver changes been lifted in big and little cottonwood canyon and let me see if we've got anything else over here crash northbound I. fifteen at the I. two fifteen south off ramp at.

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