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Ko Phi Sunny with us from the low seventies to the upper eighties. This report is brought to you by I accident lawyer dot com from the Southern California to enter dealers Traffic Center. We make it easy now. It's an issue on the 605 We'll pick up Rivera. This issue actually has been here since just before 2 30 this morning. 605 North and after what? Your boulevard. It was a trailer that was on fire. So everything is out of the plains. But the right lane is still blocked as they do that cleanup, So your drive is suffering from Slawson on the north bound side pretty slow. From Peck Road on the South side. People slow down to look once you pass the same, though, on either side. It's gonna be a good ride for you on the 605 Freeway Ko Phi, and this guy is sponsored by injury. Attorney Superwoman super lawyer dot com. Jeff is all about four or five you mention, we'll start the Long beach Now you're north down four or five drive this morning from Long Beach all the way up to well. El Segundo is in pretty good shape. But some great news now listening for a while and headed this way north of L, A X north and four or five forints, Annika. Got a whole bunch of lanes blocked. Everything has been cleared out clear early as a matter of fact, to support the last through eight o'clock, so the backups are going away. It's still kind of slow from El Segundo up towards around Century Boulevard. But still is this moment If you're just leaving l A X right now. I need to go north. Do you suppose it'd Boulevard up Fox using it on there? It's a better use of your time. Right now. You'll get stuck in a little bit of back up. If you take century out to the north coral, five injured in an accident. This superwoman superlawyer dot com just bought a K A pie in the sky. Traffic is sponsored by Mercury Insurance.

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