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Ficials mayor council whoever's overseeing the chief says we want to be aggressive with illegal immigrants could mean calling up ice when they arrest someone in the country illegally as five police departments in southeastern pennsylvania reported they do none besides ben salem agreed to an interview ona's faqih me with the of pennsylvania says turning someone over to ice when they look like they could have been born in another country is illegal to speak very clearly and plainly what we're talking about here in crack this is a problem is racial profiling she's also concerned about a chilling effect that victims or witnesses of crimes may not cooperate with local police if they fear their loved ones could be deported lorraina i allah is a us citizen but not everyone in her family is she spoke at a recent bensalem council meeting where more than one hundred and fifty people came to protest ramping up cooperation with ice i have seen many of my friends and loved ones arrested in just really but my hope has always been that the law enforcement will continue to protect us we'll continue the right thing she told me later that her uncle ended up in ice custody after being stopped by police for rolling through a stop sign fear now keeps some of her family members from going out and it stories like hers the give people like warminster police chief jim donnelly pause about whether or not partnering with ice is a good idea that i would have to vet death through all my stakeholders meaning by board of supervisors my community my department people that are all going to be involved in what's going on he says even if he wants to help ice more there may not be enough manpower to go around in his small police force his officers are tied up enforcing traffic laws and solving local crimes for here and now i'm laura bench off.

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