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By Maynard right at the Blue line, and Alex Maynard has it, but he's hemmed in there along the boards, he finally finds a little opening and finds a man for the past. Air Force of Chip it in Go for a change. Bentley will dig it out. Move it left to right. 12 18 to go third period for one hockey game that air force with a little bit of a surge right here trying to get closer. Pockets in the air Force and the Falcon stand their ground. They take it away and turn and go up the near side with space. This is Maynard. And more. The Falcons. Offside may have been they were Bryan Adams was up ahead of the plane. Adams was hoping to get an indirect passed from London. Adams was coming in with a ton of speed. Lund ended up coming to the brink wide pass to Maynor and Adam's just could not stop his momentum. Ends up in the zone, too quick face off in the neutral zone. 12 minutes left third period. Bentley leads for one. In front of the Bentley bench. Don't drop the park Tap one by Bentley. With the pop Felton Felton cross ice pass broken up by airports. Rydell has it back skates deep into his own end, And here's the breakout by air Force with it up the near side in front of the Air Force bench. Blake Bride Bride centers the past, but nobody's home for Air Force and the puck loose momentarily in front of the Bentley cage. Grabbed and out of harm's way by Bentley's defensive pressure. Back out to the neutral zone. It calms and waggles going to state it down there for Dalton Weigel with the puck shipping it in. Cut off behind the net by grab coat looks up, finds a man that's gonna be Marcia, Marcia and Roswell turns.

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