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That's a that's Joe Berlinger. The the great documentarian directed it, and it deals with how a talented manipulator Ted Bundy was as he strung along his two wives basically up to the point of his execution. Telecast, Jim Parsons, John Malkovich. Yeah. Lily collins. What's Malkovich like real purse? He and I do not have a storyline together. But. Time ago, but we didn't of it's a it's a sprawling story. And I'm not in his story. Got another film, the devil has a name Edward James Olmos directed. That's right. Martin Sheen's in it. You're in it to Alfred Molina the Davis earthern. Yeah. By the way, Davis thin in eight men out is one of the best baseball movies of all ties. Right. Yeah. He is a he's see Kat that movie. Yeah. I just went deep dive on you there. Very cool. Yeah. I love those intersections. Yeah. Yeah. What's your favorite baseball movie? More on that setter lead their own is up there, actually, just as you know, in terms of entertainment value as well as the best one. You know, to me, what makes what makes great sports movie are some of the lines that you can actually relate to and it can be used in any sport or can be used in any part of your your life. Absolutely. Yeah. So with hoosiers whenever I'm in a situation. That's different anybody's in the situation. The different I think of the scene where they measure from the rim to the floor for the free throw line of the baseline. It is same measurement just a different building Butler field houses, just a bigger spot. That's the the line from a league of their own. I think I'm gonna blow it now that I've said it up the Tom Hanks says if baseball was so easy, everyone would do it. Yeah. I think. Yeah. And you could basically say that about any endeavor and true. Yeah. That's terrific. It's hard to make a bait. I think of all the sports that you could make a movie about baseball is probably one of the hardest. And there hasn't been a truly great one in a while. I think that's tested to isn't it true. I don't know. Again. I read this that that the at the end of. Of the natural that Robert Redford had to basically practice throwing baseball. Spoiler alert. You know in in the field of in the field of the wheat, you know, that and I was told as well that P Diddy right who told us this that was supposed to be willing Behmen the quarterback from any day. Couldn't throw football football. I made a movie this is a little off topic. But I made a movie in Poland with Willem Dafoe about fifteen years ago and my dad, and I brought gloves and ball thrown in the cornfield. And all these big strong crew men over there like oh, it just didn't translate over there over their kid pull it off. Like, it was a great day of showing some people in the eastern bloc. How to throw a baseball by the way being able to start a sentencing. I I did a movie with willing to fo. And Poland is a perfect way to say that it was a bucket list thing. Celebrity true or false with you. If we can let's do it. True. Keeping it real. Four..

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