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Something in the fifteen to twenty five dollar range, which is within shouting distance of a movie. I think that a lot of presentations are within shouting distance of the theater Broadway as much more. Than a lot of opera productions and you don't hear the same scream about Broadway because it's an iconic thing to do. That's very true and certainly pop concerts or even going to hear some singer-songwriter that you like if you spend an evening at a club and get entry tickets, and then a couple of drinks you're going to end up spending, maybe one hundred dollars. So in that sense, it's not priced, so completely out of reach. Yeah. I mean, I've yet to be able to afford to see Justin Timberlake. I feel like this is where you go in for me. So so I think classical music isn't the only entertainment that's expensive, but it's become so much seen that way. And also the people are thrilled to give the money to hear Justin. Timberlake people aren't sure they want to give that money to the orchestra. They're not sure they're going to have an experienced, they like, and so it seems more expensive. You know to buy something you don't know you're going to like, of course, there's more of a barrier to giving out that money, but it is interesting. You know the the people have that perception because you're right, like if you look, if you look hard enough, you know you poke through the ticket prices on your at your local symphonies website. It can usually find something that you can you can afford. But yeah, yeah, some is often discussed. I think part of the problem too is that the experience that is being marketed is not inherently appealing to people because the experience is you were going to go and sit in silence for two hours on velvet seats. You're not exactly comfortable. You're not sure what to wear. You're not. Sure. When the clap, you don't know what you're supposed to be getting out of it. Why on earth would you want to pay for that experience? And it's, it's too bad. I think that orchestras have become. So we're talking about orchestras in particular because of course, chamber music is much more flexible. I mean, classical music can be as solo piano doing something, you know, but an orchestra isn't ticket or an opera is a particular size and orchestras are trying to break down that perception. But I think it's a shame they don't do it more. It's possible to perform different kinds of venues. Now when you speaking of classical music offering something on a large scale, I'm wondering if you could recommend a couple of pieces of music that people could get started on to listen to it home, maybe find on Spotify or whatever to to listen to, with regards to orchestra, music. Well, I assume that anybody who's heard of an orchestras heard of Beethoven Brahms. And of course, listening to a Beethoven symphony is never a waste of time. I love Beethoven's third, but I wonder if people know how much more recently has been done. I heard Philip glasses, fifth symphony recently, and I just loved Philip classes, fifth symphony..

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