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Particular. My skin is extremely averse to most fabrics except for the soft buttery feeling of leather thankfully. I found my clan of leather lovers in the biking community. It's been life changing geigo motorcycle. Fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more come back to another episode of alchemy. This your host kevin. I pet a cat name up on willowbrook drive so yes for the. What's your porn actor. Name game. mine would be rascal willowbrook. You betcha what's yours listeners. But i digress. Let's meter shall we no particular order. Let's welcome craig. Cows geek cow standout thing. You learned this summer. I'm still thinking my porn name. Which is kitty would firm. They're always so great. What that maybe that's it since we're still in the summer kitty i'm going to stick with kitty with firms wood fern fern. We need you onset. Please say hello. Gary anthony williams gary anthony williams. Just say hello to you. Take some time. Please g. dub recalling life as a child what was truly odd thing you heard someone say which would later make sense as an adult Dude one time and this is real first of all my parents. My dad was very dry. Finding my mother was kinda loud. Once when i was a tiny tiny tiny kid she was sitting around with a bunch of her women friend mum and they were eating these little Little debbie oatmeal snack cake with cream in the middle. Sure and my mother said to miss elizabeth or miss liz. But she said Liz you want one of these. In mississippi said in my mother said when you know you like that white stuff going down your throat busted out laughing and i had no idea why they last saw just filed it away and things to think about as i'm older and then when i got older i realized that my mom's talking about miss lisbet eating. How old were you when that beautiful memory heading me. I wasn't even in school. Yes i had to be about five years old. And and when the memory sprung when it made sense just a couple of years ago it was no more than ten years ago. Thank you very much. All of that in the. Who's jackie gonzales. The road jay do. Do you remember baking. your i take bake. don't like cake won't stop it. What about high. What about pilots pie. Yes i you baked. I remember baking. My first pipe was an apple pie. I think it was my first thanksgiving being Staying in los angeles than not going home And what a gary. What a treat. Well yes it went very well. It turns out very good at making pie. Did you do the fold up thing at the edges. I didn't go crazy. But i did make my own dough and the dome was very very good and i still use the same recipe. I recently made a peach pie. May i recommend peach and blueberry next time please. i'll take any recreation. I love making an eating pie. My name is andrew montgomery charities. Great one. I also love an animal pet named andrew. Now jamesy need jumping jimmy flash. If you did have a face to face with an actual alien what might you say I would say what the secret to traveling so quickly across so much space. You call me. Sarah south street. Sarah south street is it. Do you save the street party. Just sarah south. My first dog's name was sarah. And i lived on south street sarah south street. We need you onset five and last but stick your finger in it if you think. It's joey greer. Pumpkin whole odd nicknames. You were given. I wasn't given any nicknames. I was in the titles. Okay what was titled three title. Three was Let's see it was probably admiral of the new oceans. Okay a good buddy of mine bestowed upon me sweet sweet path and then. My poor name is Vagina fat talk name was fat cock. In that case. I grew up in that back. Yeah i did know my alcorn. My family lived in the cul de sac. Right right there at the very the bobby. Yeah yeah yeah the the ball of the old court world. Yeah that's a family. My family thing. My family the guy the white people who owned my family. They left more than that to talk about. Who owns me later. Get him started. All of our suggestions are gather from your listener emails or from our patrons. Ap's to become patrons poorly show and enjoy exclusive -clusive content like standalone bonus scenes. That's new or video of our recording sessions or at the highest level of support alkyl maniac. You'll have a choice to join us for one of these recording sessions. You heard me just head on over to patriot. Dot com slash. Alchemy that if you'd like a scene suggestion sent via email. Hey i love to read them love to respond outcome. This email That's how come this scene one comes from patriarchal maniac will who wrote. Hello alchemists commits will morris of upstate. Saint louis every genre reality tv fights an all out highlanders style war to the death. That can only be one. Thank you love you. Ps order hey who you here for i am. I'm waiting for my dance partner. Her supposed to be here three hours ago. i. I can't go on stage without him. I understand okay. So we're gonna wait for your partner. You have we can. I hope he's okay. He just needed a sign and if he would mind please just their name name the show shoe size and if you have a button that'd be great Okay show button show button I have a button on my outfit Sure or and if it's not gonna ruin show button like button that has the sh- name of the show on it haven't received that yet. Oh all right so right now. We'll just take shoe size. Okay name of Un your show. Okay so Shoe size four and a half child child four and a half tonight partnerships name. Diablo duo duo. I know for a fact of goddamn property. Brothers are right behind that wall. Now we gotta get in there we bludgeon them the death all right. How do we know one were bludgeoned in though both both of them. Okay over them. And we get a job honestly. Don't wanna see one more than you wanna see the other. Because i want one more dead for take. That would okay. You don't have any choice. You don't have any choice in the matter you indifferent about it. Kinda does it matter. Okay we have made our way through half of the hdtv personality lineup right. I i haven't even processed what we've done okay. I don't.

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