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Thousand three he spent the two thousand five sees net arizona before heading back to you as a parttime assisted in return to his alma mater for the two thousand six season encourage the quarterbacks for five seasons hype coach sam bradford of the heitmann trophy davy o'brien and other awards in two thousand nate bradford led the nation and passing efficiency that season and sooner tally than izzi double a record five straight sixty point games ipil was promoted to off it's a coordinator and two thousand eleven and served that role for four seasons hype was was a national champion winning quarterback at oklahoma he was a runnerup for the ice from trophy in two thousand while leaving the sooner to a victory over florida state and the two thousand one orange bowl sealing the national title for oh you in two thousand one ipil was the associated press player of the year walker camp awardwinner archie griffin award winner in the consensus all american performer during his two seasons as the starting quarterback at oklahoma ipil posted a twenty five record he passed for seven thousand four hundred fifty six yards and fifty three touchdowns overall he ranks among overuse top three quarterbacks and passing yards completions in dutch sounds dutch shell passes despite plane just two seasons south dakota say men's basketball battled input number six wichita stayed on the ropes tuesday night but ultimately fell 95 85 at the charles coach arena the jackrabbits her seven and four on the season now as the south go to stay returned home friday to face concordia nebraska at frost serena the game tips at 530 as a part of.

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