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My staffers desk lines here in Washington DC, and I'm gonna get this opened up are getting robo calls from spoofed internet internal Senate phone numbers at a Senate subcommittee. Cory Gardner said the telephone rebel called criminal enforcement. Bill will make it tougher for bro colors to hide their real identity and congress hopes to put more scammers in jail. The national consumer Law Center says Americans got five point two billion rebel calls. Just last month. Lawyers representing the co founder of WikiLeaks are fighting extradition requests from the US today. ABC's Karen Travers asked the president in the Oval Office about the arrest of Julian Assange, President Trump deferred to the attorney general on the issue of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange who was charged today with a single count of conspiracy to commit computer intrusion. I asked the president in the oval. Office what punishment? He wanted to see for Assange. I don't really have an opinion. I know the attorney general will be involved in that it he'll make a decision. President Trump on the campaign trail in two thousand sixteen frequently praised WikiLeaks saying I love WikiLeaks today in the oval. I asked him do you still love WikiLeaks about WikiLeaks? It's not my thing. Karen Travers, ABC news. The White House launch will remain in jail in London for the bail condition charge. At least until his extradition hearing on may second golden police looking for a fifteen year old escapee. Devon Brock was taken to a DMV to get a state idea. I d rather in preparation for his release from the lookout mountain youth detention center, then Brock escape from the DMV near six colefax this morning around eight thirty he's black five four he weighs one hundred ten pounds. And he was wearing khaki pants and a blue polo ver he's from El Paso county. Jefferson County DA filing charges of murder ID theft and tampering with a deceased human body in the death of twenty eight year old Joseph Brinson eighteen year old Blake Quinlan is also charged with possession of a weapon by pre. Offender and tampering with evidence. Brinson was last seen January seventeenth at his home on Mike mind Gulch road in Littleton. His body was found earlier this month in buyers. It's KOA NewsRadio. Cathy Walker Quinlan's being held without bond. Our next news updates at four o'clock. I'm Susan Witkin, KOA NewsRadio. Eight fifty AM and ninety four one FM, traffic.

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