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Night, football broadcaster, Jason Witten, the future hall of fame tidy and Pindi column for ESPN dot com. Outlining the dangers of Twitter inside an NFL locker room Whitten rope. I'm seeing the negative impact. Social media can have particularly on younger players who grew up with Twitter and Instagram as an integral part of life. A player, checking Twitter at halftime. I've seen it a player tweeting out a grievance with an organization about playing time or how he is being utilized. I see it far too often, but the most concerning watching a really talented player, corrupt his mind and confidence by reading all the critiques from anonymous football experts. Around the world, negative social media can ruin a player, reading your mentions. It's poison. Thank you. Jason Witten. Just a couple of short months after retiring as a player witness already doing more thoughtful and Saiful and impactful journalism than many of my peers. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Journalists are dictated to Twitter and afraid to say right, anything that might cost them Twitter followers. But the truth is Twitter is a bigger threat to football than c. t. Twitter has more influence over many professional athletes than coaches executives and ownership. The negative impact of Twitter is inflicted most effectively on black athletes. There's a Wicky pedia entry for black Twitter. There's no such thing as white Twitter or Asian Twitter or Latino Twitter or Brown Twitter. There's only black Twitter when. N- black people create something good. It's quickly appropriated. Little Richard recorded. Tutti fruity in one thousand nine hundred fifty five one year later. Elvis, sang it on his first album for RCA. You see what I'm getting at black Twitter's been around for nearly a decade. No other group is mimicking it. Why? Because it's poison. Twitter Bates people into thinking and believing the most ridiculous things. Let me give you an example. Twitter has black people convinced that kneeling during the national anthem is the cure for police brutality and not a gesture that undermines the success of an industry in a league that employs seventy percent African American players. Black athletes need to get off Twitter. Now, let's be clear Jason Witten column today had nothing to do with black Twitter. He was talking about Twitter in general. He can see it's harmful impact on everyone. I can see Tom. Impact on us, black people. It dumbs down complex conversations and distorts reality. Twitter will have you convinced the NFL is the enemy of the black man because the league wants his players to respect the national anthem. Whitten said it best. The Twitter mob is not a reflection of reality are joining me. Now three former NFL players a former NFL scout and Bucky Brooks former Green Bay. Packer, Greg, Greg genie's, former Cincinnati, Bigalow great TJ whose wins outta guys. Let's start with Jason Whitten's point. Twitter has a negative impact on NFL locker rooms and athletes in general agree or disagree. Great. I agree to extent. I definitely believe that you can be to heavily influence by your mentions negatively by looking at them and make. Making responses that are unheralded or you shouldn't engage in. But when I look at Twitter as a whole and I look at athletes in the platform that it provides for us, it is a resource..

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