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Face up to the white amount laps in the quick drink of water delaying the face off. Buck is drop badgers play back onto the left point calmac with a John it hits a globe of Norman and just goes wide the Minnesota dole. Celtic trying to hold the left point. Can't tack. The center goes three nothing. Minnesota leading seven minutes gone by here in the second period. I'm getting I'm getting more and more comfortable with the gophers defensive play in their own zone. Amata the limb. And I realized that Mike buck about two years worth of trend. Boys are settling down. Gophers looking impressive early on. Here is wise Bach brings the badgers in. Checked off the play Minnesota regained possession. Wait flings the center route on the fly now by Ramsey. He spends it across the Sadiq walking shadows blocked off the stick and off to the corner. At goes Jack was trying to pick a quarter. There wasn't a. Yes. He was. Jack gated right by it. I thought he was going to get a stick on. Tommy Ramsey back over to Sadiq takes the shot tassels goals door. He shows blocker save for Lebedev. Back again. In front. It misses the skate. Wait who tried to kick it up to a stick? Go for back own and are getting a line change at the same time, captain Tyler she heads up ice points and fourteen of the last fifteen games for Tyler. A goal in the system the opening period here tonight. Brooklyn back at his own line. Check passes it off to the right wing corner. Gophers trail long pass up ice and get it through for Novak. Santa sample Ranta couldn't hang onto that pass at a point blank shot for right out in front. What hands by Novak there to make that pass? Danny has it in for for Novak cut about is blocked off some skates and grabbed off Josh ask. He for the long bond breakaway effort now to shine rises at Robson knocked down. Gophers right back. Collision of sunrise, two guys. Go down check by Tom resumed taking up to go for player. Now, she he back up the right wing across the blue line sends it left for all that back in. Shots just wide. Of back down low for junior trying to get to it. Grabbed off now by the badgers and hey, come up ice with four guys. Brought in by Malone drops it off. There's a rush out right on the rebound a shadow whether or not by robo Malone. With Minnesota robot. Got a little cute to it ahead. Finally does bounce out to center. And now will Johnson will fraud. Minnesota and Wisconsin changing on the goal gates chips. It ahead for piddling waiting at the Wisconsin line streaks down the left side work communities to badgers finds Walker who centers and unable to was gates Kalmyk. Cross ice pass onto the stick of gorniak Russia's right on pad save made by Robson. Out in front of heart blast of duty shot went over top the goal. Sammy Walker takes a pass. Finds it. Offensive Samo ziti. He'll push the center for gates dark timidly attack plaza. Pull it back but lost the puck. Walker will carry on pay turns the left wing boards now feeds appoint for Rosie Whiteside? Puzzles door back down low for water. Sammy caps it off the boards. But baker. Look at the four check gophers doing a fine job trying to contain the badgers in their own zone and are doing soul. Slept around by the defenseman in a model, but gates will get a stick on it. Try to play back for pit lick goes into the corner boards. Now. Wisconsin will shovel it off a say pitches. Deepen point and keeps the play back down in behind the badger goal line pet. That's kind of what you were talking about. If you're gonna go go now, right? Someone's got to be able to you know, they they got to trust them together enough to to cover for each other. Then you know, that's playing aggressive and planks smart. Bags of chicken a breather here. They don't know which way to go. They haven't had much success at all in the last five minutes or so. While the modem make a complete line change through the middle of the ring picked up by Linas wise by Costa's in and fires high and wide. They've done that a number of times that I shoot high gophers coming back. Mcmahon is trying to put across to an open player..

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