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I really liked it. And then these are tie. ted lasso. Bit of news from the other side of the atlantic. Afc richmond announced the hiring of their new manager. American football coaches and the merican now in charge of the football club despite possessing very little knowledge. Again oh i know that. Afc richmond is gonna give you every time they got win and lose all tie right. Y'all do ties you doing is irresponsible discount actually needs in town. Fueled i see that. Every day i've been on the streets. Success is not about the wins and losses is about helping these young fellows. It'd be best versions of themselves on an awesome deal. I always figure that was just going to hot brown water and you know what i was right. Yeah it's horrible. thank you. Welcome to england queen's gambit tell the readers of life how it feels to be a girl all those men. I don't mind it. Chess isn't always competitive. Chess can also be beautiful. Creativity and psychosis often go hand in hand or for that matter genius and madness. There's no player in the world as gifted as you are one player that scares me. Who russian besser. I just think both of them are just so good. Queen's gambit was such a great story. I did not know what i was going to get into and i don't know how they make chess interesting but they did. It was fascinating the imagery of her. They showed how she saw all the moves in her mind. Her addiction problem. You know it's a period piece. I thought that was fascinating. It made me get a chess app. And then like after. Like eight games on like okay. I'm just suck at this. I actually use the queen's gambit strategy. I did not. I did put a chess set on my wishlist of christmas presents. Like yeah you know. It'll look nice. And then we've already talked about ted. Lasso was just the joy that kept on giving. I love that series. I've seen it three times. Linda washed it the last time with me and agreed with me. It is a comedy version of friday night lights. But at the same time. I see eric taylor. And ted lasso at a coaches conference exchanging beers and talking about motivating young men. That's my list. I think the your last two probably going to be ones that we see shared amongst the five of us queens began. It was number one on netflix. For really long time. That show was huge and Yeah ted lasso is getting a lot of steamed not only from just casual viewers but like the tickets. They must have done at least three or four segments on. It's more than just soccer though. It is about soccer and it is just worth your time. Now jesse in your seven picks. I noticed only one of them is a movie right trial of chicago seven as a movie everything else. Tv shows do you feel like you didn't really watch very many movies. This year i watched wonder woman in almost by list despite everyone saying crappy things about one in nineteen eighty four. I thought it was a great movie. And i enjoyed it so i was gonna say i was surprised. That wonder woman didn't make at least an honorable mention. You seem to like it a lot more than a lot of other people one of the nice things if you can say anything nice during this pandemic is you did have a lot of time on tv watching and catching up. I caught up on a lot of tv series. We had never watched marvelous. Mrs maisel so. I watched that lost in space the morning show for all mankind is another series. There were things that i just really enjoyed. Thought were good. Yeah if we had expanded this list out to include reoccurring shows probably could have done a list of like fifteen area. Why don't we go to you next. Let's hear those picks for twenty twenty two of them. I'm going to do as honorable. Mentions because they didn't technically come out at twenty twenty but the first time anybody could see them was in two thousand and twenty first one was wayne. I know that bob is familiar with this. It was a youtube red series. Actually i watched it. I think it was about a year ago. I'm pretty sure it was in two thousand. Nineteen it got on netflix. Netflix amazon prime amazon amazon prime this year. So twenty twenty. It was new on amazon prime. And it's actually really good. It's very funny about a kid. Have a lot of hard luck in his life and him and his little fifteen year old girlfriend. Jump on a scooter up in boston and go all the way down to florida to get his dad's car that was stolen by his step mom when she left. It's a funny show. So i really liked wayne kingdom one that that i really liked about him and may fighters it's sort of like if sons of anarchy was in a may instead of motorcycles. It actually came out several years ago but was never really released until finally got picked up and put on epilepsy. This this year so it several years old but there's three seasons of it and it's actually really good. There's a show. That's a new show called big sky. That i just started watching. I think it's on abc. But i think i'm watching it on hulu like after the fact and it's been pretty decent so far for stuff that's come out in twenty twenty. I really like big sky as well. I think there's a solid there are some nice twist to it it. It's very good. I got the one with a ryan. Phillippe a guy that was twisty in american horror story. Right first episode is rather shocking. Okay so top. seven. I'm going to include lovecraft country reacquainted with george. The reason i'm back home my father. Scott miss he wrote me placing wants me to go is in lovecraft country one way inbound out. I haven't even gotten to the real strange part. I was surprised. I thought it was pretty good but it was so different than what i expected from. Watching the previews lovecraft country is my number seven. That's hbo. yes yes. Numbers six is.

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