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The one that's, that's it. No, none of us. Have I met him Kaufman welcoming, you know, Evan Valenti. And of course, Gary Washburn. Good friend of this program, longtime Boston, Globe, described columnist and covers, not just the C's to the entire league, and, of course, the cells, most closely Gary, how are you independent of watching this team play this year? Everybody's good for me off, you know, for slowly, another pandemic. And and we're starting to open up a little bit, so yeah, I mean everything personally is, is great. So yeah, that's month, that's all I got for that but and then it's all downhill from here, right? Yeah, that's that's the good part for the Celtics not-so-good no losses and five out of six to COG. Games left in the regular season. We now know obviously this team is locked into the play and tournament which means maybe it will go to the playoffs, maybe it won't. We'll find out the 7th seat is most likely though that is not even as we chat page. Now definitive you still got the Hornets the Pacers in the mix Washington Chicago or battling for the final play in spot but your top six and at least the order that it sits right now it could change see things want the ceiling wise, but the Sixers net box that is the top three clearly in the East and around that, the Hawks, the Heat. And the Knicks Celtics as we know I mean the seasons effectively over guys, they're not going anywhere. They're not doing anything. Even if they do escape the play-in round and inevitably they will. That's how the season has gone. They just, you know, do do the unthinkable, do the unpredictable, so they'll get out of the play and tournament. They'll go to the postseason and off. Maybe shock people just for giggles and win around, but they're not doing anything noteworthy. As we know because Jaylen Brown is he's done, he has had his wrist surgery enza a remarkable year for home. Both on and off the floor. And you know, when you consider obviously everything his role and in Social initiatives and everything that has happened over the course of the year plus, but specifically basketball, it was a dynamic. It was a great year of growth for him but this team I guess in some ways Gary, I don't know if you felt this way, maybe you're a little less emotionally invested as someone who covers the team that a regular fact would be obviously. But, you know, there's an element of once that injury news came out. Once I saw it, I just kind of went. You know what, good and not good. Obviously the Jalen is is hurt and has to go through this page, all the recovery, like that whole part sucks. But just simply the fact of now, I'm not going to low myself into believing that this team can just magically flip that switch. Get healthy and active and go on some kind of run the playoffs. We now know that there's no Mirage coming. This team is what it has been all season long and whatever's going to happen. This offseason is going to happen, but nothing is going to be reactionary wage. To this team somehow magically getting to the Conference Finals..

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