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Right with with the wars? Brodie L. I've seen them like the star. Wars landed Disney. But I mean that's it. This is maybe this is sliced bread. Maybe this is right Dan. Derek. Then we'll see how you feel about this so it is official TYCO. Whitey is headed to a galaxy. Far Far Away he is GonNa go right. Indirect a brand New Star Wars movie for Disney. He's gave me the first person of color to direct the Star Wars movie and he'll be writing a script with a Christie Wilson Cairns She was nominated for an Oscar for her work on nineteen seventeen. I think some probably most people are familiar with. He got his start with offbeat comedies. Like what we do in the shadows and then he moved to the big leagues. It'd Thor Ragnarok and got nominated for Multiple Oscars for writing directing and appearing in Joe Joe Rabbit he got to road tests star wars jobs. He directed the season. One Finale of the man laureate and then there are some rumors that he was going to get something like this and now on May the fourth those were confirmed that he is working on his own star wars movie that apparently is going to be completely independent of anything. That's happened in the Star Wars Universe before I noticed place into. Is it a new Canon or is it a standalone rogue one? It'll be like it'll be a standalone but it won't have any connection to the previous movies is just going to basically take place within that same universe but won't be one by any SKYWALKER darth vader or anything like that is listening. I I like I really like him. This filmmaker I think he joe rabbit and and Thor Ragnarok were brilliant. I can't speak to the man delorean because I've opened the Disney plus APP a couple times and every time. I'm like there is nothing for me here except for America's funniest home videos which put a bunch of old ones on old school. Tom.

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