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President Trump says his payroll tax cut won't cut into Social Security payroll tax fund, Social Security and Medicare. But he told reporters help fund the retirement system out of the General Fund. This comes as the president moves to bypass lawmakers as he claims. Democrats are holding up negotiations with Congress on a new Corona virus rescue package. As you get your kids ready from start a new school year. Some teachers air speaking now gives having to come back in the classroom in person. A group of teachers will protest the Cy Fair Iest board meeting tonight, and they were given no say about resuming in class learning. Houston Fire Marshal Shut down. LA forgot a bar for violating Cove in 19 restrictions, having more than 200 people inside the bar Saturday night, the Harris County Fire Marshal's office says You got 265 calls about overcrowding this weekend. Governor Greg Abbott is renewing the Corona virus Disaster declaration in Texas. He did so Saturday, extending that declaration that was first put into place almost five months ago. The order covers all counties in the Lone Star State. And right now, the state has just under 7500 people in the hospital with the virus now that's at its lowest level in since early July, about a month. The chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, is sending a subpoena to FBI director Chris Ray. Wisconsin Republican Ron Johnson wants documents related to the origins of the investigation of the Russia intervention in the 2016 presidential campaign. One person is dead and two others are in serious condition following a gas explosion in Baltimore, the city's fire department says on Twitter, three homes were involved. Chicago mayor says judges need to hold criminals responsible After a weekend of unrest and widespread looting, the mayor added, they cannot allow people to believe there is no accountability in the city's criminal justice system. Police say at least 30 shootings occurred over the entire weekend injury, 13 police officers And U. S. Attorney General William Barr says he's appalled by the mainstream media's cover up of violent protests in places like Portland. It's a lie. The American people are being told a lie by the media. He says. The media continues to claim the protests are peaceful, while people who are on the scene are posting video of the violence that can be found on social media. It's now 11 0 for President. Trump will need the votes from the suburbs to win a second term. In the White House. Political analysts Felicia Craven's told Houston's morning news that Democrats support for the chaos We've seen in cities like Portland helps the president. They wanna have safe neighborhoods, good schools, stable home values, safe communities, and you know a place where they can have their face matter all this sort of stuff When they turn on the television. They're looking at bad schools, high rent big crime problems. And things that presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden hasn't spoken out against this week. Biden is expected to announce the woman he wants for his vice presidential running mate. Biden said months ago, his running mate will be a woman. California Senator Kamala Harris and former national security adviser Susan Rice are seen as the top contenders. It's now almost 11 05 stalled talks on another cove in 19 stimulus and several other factors are affecting Wall Street today. Here's money man Pat Shin with how the stocks are looking. Stocks are trading mix with strengthened the Dow industrials offset by weakness over on the NASDAQ. What I'm going to call the venture out, stocks are the biggest gainers. Today, casinos, cruise ships and airlines all trading nicely higher right now. The Dow was about 279 about one That's about 1% S and P is up on Lee about three points and the NASDAQ is.

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