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Do you say? So it's been a great year. You know, I said this. So it's been a great year. You know, I said, you know, certain albums that didn't. Believe it or not. Even worse than that too. Live and recorded. Okay. Here we go that was five and four number three. From CC CC. Here. Flipping Bobby Tarantino and Bobby Valentino? Two totally different people. Here we got crucial foul number three. Logic. The buddy Dyer, Bobby Valentino. What happened it again? Crucial foul number three. Logic. The Bobby Bobby Valentino? Oh, my God logic. Bobby valentino? Okay. We got two more coming up next, ladies and gentlemen, top five crucial failed to twenty eight on now. You're probably number one. That was five four three. We got one up. Next crew shell power windows. Six number one. Girls. Girls. Touch me. Thank you. Incredible. Wow. Shipped blow. Wake up.

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