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Radio dot com in total twelve FDNY units arrived on the scene after a manhole explosion this afternoon in mid town it happened at forty seven street between six Avenue and Broadway one male worker was taken away from the scene on the stretcher and there's another reported injury also crews are responding to a minor path train derailment just outside of Newark Penn station it happened in the five PM hour there were no passengers on the train in no injuries were reported still officials say you can expect delays and a full W. ABC traffic entrance a report is coming up next police are investigating after a teenager was shot to death on a quiet street in queens yesterday W. A. B. C. Saralee Kessler reports hi this doesn't happen the reaction of one neighbor after hearing that nineteen year old Jay Patel was dumped and left for dead Wednesday afternoon at eighty Third Avenue and two hundred sixty eight street in floral park after being shot somewhere else we don't have any trouble like that the gangs and everything that doesn't exist around here could tell live just a block away police are looking for answers a motive and for red Toyota Camry seen speeding from the same I'm certainly counselor for seventy seven W. A. B. C. news they are new concerns over the safety of decks after last month's collapse that injured twenty people in Wildwood New Jersey the mayor there says they're sending out a letter to property owners urging them to inspect their decks for excessive wear and make sure that they're safe call on your card it said if you continue to drive your car grades going to blow up I should do something about it same scenario moisture insult here at the Jersey Shore can cause serious damage to decks and exterior attachments authorities hope that their security for crab started returning next spring in the meantime there's been no official report on what caused that September fourteenth incident nine democratic presidential candidates are taking a detour from the twenty twenty campaign to make a plea for support with any key party constituency L. G. B. T. Q. voters we cannot now use the argument that it is my religious believe that if you are gay are ya will not sell you a cake or are you will if you are black it is my religious newly belief you can't come into my store a few Jewish whatever we've gone way way beyond that that senator Bernie Sanders the Jersey.

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