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League the premier league all in full swing. Now you probably not going to be at the game this year but you can still be in on the action on bet online dot. Ag they go. Game spreads totals teams players coaching props. You want they give you more options to wager than any other place. Online plus says the online casino which never closes just like here in las vegas twenty four hours a day seven days a week so head over to bed online. Ag today take advantage of all the great sign up bonuses again. That's bet online dot ag sign up today may be online or online sportsbook experts. And i wanna tell you something. Enjoy a sports betting but do it responsibly. Make it a bit of fun and not a lifestyle. Okay let's get to a bit of fun shall we. Because the premier league season was crazy this weekend but the full we get into that they want to actually get the really sad stuff out of the way because last week of course we had the tragedy of losing a certain diego armando maradona. Whose now his hands can now join. God and they can play football together. A great loss for the footballing world. No doubt at only sixty years. Old and i was stunned. Stunned to learn that at the at the age of forty two years old We lost papa bouba diop the senegalese defensive midfielder who might remember from the world cup in two thousand and two who Put senegal on the map not that they wanted to on the map beforehand but but for people that were just coming two thousand two was one of these well cups because it was the first truly global world cup because your nine hundred ninety eight was was obviously a big world cup and everybody followed it but two thousand and two. It's started to blow up in the united states. So i had an exponentially greater viewing audience and nine hundred ninety eight and when he defeated Champions france remember. France wanted ninety eight in france. Remember this In the opening match of the two thousand two world cup it was not only was it. F- senegal's first ever The match at the fifa world cup. But uh it it to score against the champions was monumental and a papa job who didn't score a ton of goals i mean he scored Somewhere around like ten or eleven senegal when he played for them he had six assists. Eleven goals. I'm looking this up yet. Eleven goals sixty three appearances for senegal was acid of a defensive midfielder. So it wasn't like he would be up front scoring a lot but he certainly scored the goal that was heard around the world in two thousand and two then played with fulham played at portsmouth trade with west ham. Actually going backwards played with played with fulham portsmouth west hab birmingham city. Athens retired in two thousand thirteen. Very very sad to lose such a young man and It was reported that he had ails. Lou gehrig's disease and very sad anyhow. We moan the passing of papa. Bouba diop too. Many football ingrates are. We're losing and it's very sad all right. That's let's look. Let's put the memory of papa. Bouba diop behind us and move onto the premier league. And i scratch my head quite frankly because as i mentioned in the open if i told you that ten matches in we would be in this crazy situation on the table by the way. We'll talk about the results over the weekend for fulham. And you know full papa. Bouba diop former team They got a huge win over leicester city today on monday. Which was nobody had figured that one coming and just to give you an idea. We're going to drill. I was hoping to do this in order. But i'm a little bit scatter brained fulham fulham to beat leicester king power. It paid plus five hundred twenty. Think about that for a minute. That is a long shot a good match but here we are now ten matches in. Excuse me a little bit over. Twenty five percent we got tottenham hotspur on top livable second chelsea and leicester rounding out the top. Four now tottenham liverpool are tied on points taught them have a something that has been dogging liverpool's seemingly year-over-year a vastly superior goal difference Chelsea just a couple of points behind behind them less have lost two in a row. What was interesting. This week was basically none of the top. Four teams gotta win which is absolutely weird right. I mean none of the top. Four gotta win tottenham through chelsea liverpool brighton. We could talk about that match. Chelsea taught them out definitely wanna talk about that match. And of course less lizzy to full of a west ham united. How about that. David moyes on his way out. Move it on up now in the fifth fifth spot the table tied with southampton and wolves. Who had a big win as well southampton coming off a loss to man united which took some very late antics from edison cavani to get the point for man united. Who still don't look good to me. Look there are a number of story lines. That are fascinating in the primarily. Going to think. I'm probably getting very close to running out of time in this segment. And i i want to get to them when we come back off to break because it is so fascinating. I mean to have frank lampard and shows marino sides. Facing off against each other okay at stamford bridge in. What what we thought was going to be a harm dinger of a cab. Two teams that ended up two teams. That put on can put on really exciting. Football's i'm ended up being a whopper of a snooze fest to be fair but at the end show saint marino. I think would have been happy with the result and frank lampard because it maintains the status quo. We talked a lot. We talked a lot about this match between everton and leeds. I told you it was going to be an exciting match with wide open for paul and i tell you what the scoreline didn't the scoreline doesn't indicate it but for me it was certainly one of the matches of the day as well as of the weekend. As was i thought west ham aston villa and again. I don't know why we're messing around with. Vr is point with offsides. I thought aston villa were robbed of this match You know we have to do something about the offsides rule and via. Because i'm sorry. A molecule offside is an offside it used to be just a few years ago. They changed the rule to say they had to be visible daylight between the place for it. To be offside. I don't know what happened to that. It probably got changed one of the untold. Murray add changes of Rule modifications that they do but it makes no sense whatsoever via is supposed to ensure that the right calls are made and it is largely doing that. But i think that they need to reinterpret rules v. a. r. is basically reinforcing. Well particularly the hamble rule. Now saying your hands have to be away from your body in an unnatural position and he any any contact with the ball and your arm and your hand. Your arms are away from the profile. Your body is a hamble. I think we need to look at these rules. We need to look at the offside rule. Are you really getting an advantage. If you're hoffa shoelace ahead of the opposition we have to look at why general rules a put in to try to stop teams from having an unfair advantage. Okay but if you push a really highlight you're playing with fire. I mean what are the reasons liverpool's conceding so many goals here they push you always have push to highlight and team starting to suss them out all right. Listen i gotta go to break. Let's pick up the conversation.

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