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Nine one seven zero one six nine nine five nine one seven zero one six and i would just say that an sp two that we passed last year there will be i don't remember it's seven or eight regional centers that are going to be set up for homelessness so that people who are homeless can go there and it's one stop shopping we understand that you know might not be able to go to twenty different places they're not set up and running yet but we are we past that last year it's in the work i have heard that we've been told about that i'm anxious and that should happen because that is part of the problem but again it's it's again it's a liaison quality that it could all happen under one roof but does early but thank you so much we appreciate your time all the work you're doing pleasure grassi all hang in there you've got senator connie leyva calvary state representative we appreciate her spending some time with us here at eight hundred two two two five to two toots lawrence von dr drew we are taking your calls we are going to continue this conversation about the homeless issue and you and you didn't know about the resources until get on the radio right it wasn't that apparent to you now right and it's not apparent to the likes of grass yellow or people like that out there or they resisted they for various reasons and what you're gonna say no i don't think that is well known i mean not even just government resources but the nonprofits that are out there trying to help people plenty of stuff out there yeah okay loria go ahead hey how are you today you know first of all there's not enough mental health workers out there i was with la county almost forty two years and i was in children's services there aren't enough people to do this work they say there's resources but the lines are lengthy your home there is yes for sure and certain issues for sure there's strained doctor their string there's everything is strained all of the all of the service positions are strange especially health services and like you said earlier some people they resist it and maybe it's to do with drugs or you know they need medication but you know it's hard i still say we.

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