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This is the Sean Hannity Show on 25 to the top of the hour. 809 41, Shawn, You want to be a part of the program? We're gonna cover in detail tonight. All the whistle blowers speaking out publicly today these hearings in Michigan let me play for you. A woman that was a Michigan poll challenger name is Christina. Karam. Oh, testifying about the irregularities with the balance. All right. Thank you for having me. So I was a poll challenger at the TCF Center on Monday, November 2nd, 3rd and 4th on November 4th Early In the morning, I was standing at the adjudication table and about it came across the screen. The ballot had a straight party ticket vote for both the Democratic and the Republican. It was a field in circle, which is an intentional marks out of dash is not a doctor. When the ballot came across the screen. There was no other marks. One of the judges and none of the other ballot proposals have been voted on. The poll worker did said. I think I'm going to give it to the Democrats. There's absolutely a third that is illegal. The vote should have been tossed out. At that moment, I said, absolutely not going to challenge this. So I'll go get her supervisor and then her supervisor defers to her says What do you think? And I'm like, what do you think It doesn't matter what you think it's the law, our feelings, our emotions. Our thoughts are totally irrelevant. You follow the law, and that ballot is to be tossed out. But she wanted to give it to the Democrats. So then I go get the gentleman who was overseeing the entire absentee ballot counting process about Daniel Baxter was gone. So this gentleman's name I do not know. I go get him. He's overseeing the entire process. While Daniel Baxter's gone, I ask him, he says to the girl. What do you think It was disgusting. I was enraged, and I simply asked a question. I said, Well, why not give it to the Republican instead of the Democrats? Gentlemen began screaming at me, Begin yelling at me! Begin telling me that I had no right to talk to her, and he told her to push the ballots through. That was testimony in Michigan from earlier today, joining us three other people that testified Patrick Cole back He's a pole challenger for the election Integrity project. Phil Holleran, Michigan Poll challenger Melissa Caroni is a Michigan Dominion contract worker. All of them testified today. Thank you all for being with us. Let me let me ask all of you this question to you all sign legal affidavits, which would be a sworn testimony under the threat of perjury. Patrick that you sign that Absolutely, And by the way, I'm so happy that you highlighted Kristina's testimony. She's just one of many heroes today that counter the narrative that says, show me the evidence. Tell you we have tons of evidence that was portrayed today. If you're not listening, you're not paying attention. That's the only way you can say that there's no evidence Yeah, Philo hollering did did you? Did you sign an affidavit under the threat of perjury? Yes, I did. Quite a few simple and Melissa Koran signed. Same question. Yes, I Yeah. All right, Let's go to all of you and talk about what you saw. And what you testified to what you signed in your affidavits, Patrick, because you're by the way, you're all whistle blowers. Yes. What I I focused on was one link that was broken in the chain of custody. There's Multiple link they were broken. Many people testified to broken links in the poor box in the ballots themselves and the reconciliation of whole book to balance. My focus is on vote tallies in particular. The UM, the networking infrastructure associate with how the report The votes are reported upstream. And I highlighted that the computers were obviously network together on the same local area network. I'm a certified Microsoft's little business specialist at it cabling designed for the state staple. I've done a few networks in my life and all these Computers were network together two computers that were connected to the Internet directly. So what that opened up is a complete chain of custody issue around our hotels and all it takes a little hacker man in the middle of fact, between those rocks and shit ballot and shift, though it's wherever they see that That was the focus of my testimony and think that's funny. I gave in Arizona yesterday. Yeah, I mean, it's pretty pretty unbelievable. What did you see? Philo Holleran. Okay, Shawn. I started back and told her gathered cripple volunteers to track the movements of the ballots. From the city Clerks office, which is called the Department of Elections down to the PCS Center. And so what did happen? Just a little background back when I challenged the TCF. And in the 2018 general election, and also, if you know that was the midterm election, and also in August of this year of the primary in the TCF, I noticed there was very little balance security. There's really no Chain of custody, so the balance would just come in. You know something I would just drive in with a car right on for four. The counting said he'd get out. Take a bunch of U. S. Postal Service trains with about 350 each train and balance. On. So you might have like coming in with a few 1000 ballots in one shipment coming out of Ah, van or car. They had out of state license plates along the time and they were just come in and problem upon a receiving a ballot receiving table. The middle of the county board, and just, you know, just randomly put in there, all right. He was gonna horrified. I thought, well, he's transported by like Brinks trucks or something was Please escort. You know, we're talking about thousands of folks People's votes. And I got a little bit of an education, so I thought, Well, this is not right. So I started looking until back in August. I looked. I talked to one of these guys, and I said, Hey, you just brought it going in stuff. Ah, you are like a game work here normally. I said, do you? Are you sure you someone who is temporary Working sound? A temporary worker? Yeah. And I said OK, then. Hey, said I'm bringing in balance in, like eight balance here. I thought I had six. But I guess I got eight has occurred to me that Maybe he's got to pick up two extra balance, is not aware of her two extra trace. So then we organized our group of volunteer poll watchers and when you could have staked out around the Department of elections and watched Coming and going from way had other people inside the carrot board and so between us determined that you know, there was really no transfer paperwork, So I know people with clipboards, logging the departure time. The arrival time the The number of ballots. They think there's none of that s O. That was a real top. And then one of our guys photographed a man carrying 100 blank ballots on election day in the back alley of the Department of Elections, and he had him under his arm. There wasn't even a sacral box or anything. So that was horrifying to us here, his photographs as well by our guy. And Ah, So we start looking at the house. The fact that thousands of these folks coming in and it without really any, uh over to the other thousands of ballots coming in with probably hundreds of People doing this, so we then follow the Penske truck. The night of November. 4th and this has been sitting outside the department elections. The two guys behind it in a pickup said there was empty but they guarded that. Basically, essentially, I thought of doing guarding it for about four hours, and then it got dark. We followed. Truck down to the shelf better and went inside and we notify the police officer And so we think it might be balance in their on its the day after the polls closed and that which would be illegal, so they said they would do something that we don't know if they actually did or not..

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