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Yeah really like water but do you like gasoline. Much as i drive. Not currently you're going to hate it even more. Yes heard about the hackers. Nice thing that's mostly east coast down into the the south asterik ladies and gentlemen. Please hold on about hackers to after this. Do you want to keep up to date on the madison. The mad at the majuro podcast check out. Our social media feeds on facebook instagram and twitter or go to the metro dot com. So anyway hats on the russian. Hackers did did hack. I can't remember james. You have the story in front of you. Yeah i did they. hacked the colonial pipeline and took Many of it systems off line and that shutdown approximately forty five percent of the east coast petroleum products including gasoline diesel and jet. It hold on so that was straight wild so the other things that this is going to affect is going to be Plastics all factories. That are i think the bigger story here is the united states government including our president came out and told the russian government because the russian hacker group that admitted to doing this in in in system. Still not the united states government came out and told the russian state. This is your responsibility to deal with the hacker group within your country. Basically just means you kill him. Well you know it would be in the best interests of. It should be interesting to see what happens. Because if i was at russian hacker group inside russia and i knew that the russian government was out for my ass. I'd get the hell out of dodge. So what what. what so. It's really going to happen as the russian hacker group is probably allegedly being sanctioned by russia can be honest. You don't do anything. Russia in russia without putin or the kremlin. Not most likely would happen. There's going to say okay. You got to move out of the corner office. You can go down to that. The tool shed with bob. Yeah well guaranteed. They're you know they're going to be interesting. I think that the government of russia's accident in this china has their own china's china's hacking thing is china's at and. Yeah but it's shin gang dark side supposedly. So we'll see but with the enemies of superman pipeline. That's a lot ryan's right would be interesting to see if this this came out. It was the same time though Be whole opec. Nation isn't that russia know opec is I think they're in it but it's it's like saudi arabia and the other or producing states. Yeah pick all the oil producing states of of the mid wet west. All of saudi arabian kwait. All those countries thought. I thought russia had a fucking stake in the oil. They do a lot of so what. I've heard a lot of their own oil so across i heard our europe gets a lot of oil from them and a lot of a of and i heard years ago. A lot of the economy right now is based on oil. So anytime oil hits low The last time it's true is it really affects the russian economy too so this is probably something and for a while. You were a giant. We were we were starting exporting oil again under the trump administration. I don't know what we are doing. Now yeah who knows invade you know..

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