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First movie village right exactly so exactly. But here's the thing. It doesn't matter if this matches is in a cage in barn. I wanna see shawn. Legacy versus billy brash. On one right. I agree. That is a heck of a match up this other thing. I w e They don't invest a lot in storylines right. And if you just want to come beautiful watch some good independent wrestling without having a start and finished that you know where these guys came from. And why they're fighting been. Hey wbz's show for you They kind of do kind of indie super cards in a way with some of their matchups. I mean sean legacy. I'm pretty sure you. And i are not the only ones that travel just to see that match So you know what i'm gonna know. Reserve my dolls. Do you think takes this one for the title here. You know billy. Bryant has guide so many edges. He's probably wrestled in more cage matches. He's got more championship experience. I think But over the last year. So really brash. She's been mainly tied guy in a lot of places in the monster squad. Jocks kutch salt also a legacy to follow him on. social media. just competed in bodybuilding competition. Now on the one hand you might think well that guy's got to be in the best shape of his career. You're correct We actually worked with a young man stony hooker who appeared on one of our three counts. Shows in the midst of training for his bodybuilding competition and He was he was happy to wrestle force but he didn't know what he would have in the tank he was an stony hookers. A guy who's been around. But it was like i paid attention to him all day is. He's getting ready. And he's drinking his fluids and he was on a very strict. I saw sale that to say. This was sean. Legacies first bodybuilding competition. it was. i mean. We're recording this sunday. This thing was yesterday literally going to have seven days from put his body through hail to get ready for this competition and will his body be back to where it needs to be listen. He's not wrestling some jubran. This billy brash. Lucky no i mean and this is for the championship. So i don't know what do you think. Well let me say this. He actually decided twelve weeks. Out to compete not bodybuilding competition. His first one man got third. Yes so anybody can be ready a week after putin by that is probably sean i. I don't go. I'm not gonna give billy the edge. Just because of the bodybuilding. I would say man yes certain..

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