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Also want a big price source in this race. Fair enough. I think that with the concern going back left handed would bother me, I know it doesn't bother Dennis as much and Dennis will forget more about racing than I ever know. But the undulating track that Dennis highlighted as well. That's another thing that's against him, but also he's going to he's going to probably get a clue about the handicapper now too. So they probably just shown their hand. The weight comes out tomorrow. For all the handicaps are Paul Ferguson joins me for a cheltenham festival special on Wednesday with his children festival dedicated available now, by the way, and we're going to specialize in the novice hurdlers. And some of the novice chasers as well. But we'll touch on the boodles, too. Because we'll have the weights then and we also have all of the stats and the trends that Paul has gone into detail about in just Africa has the pedigrees to look at too. So that's an essential read, but we'll break all about downfield on Wednesday. But just go back through the last ten years of winners of the boodles, 25 to one, 33s, 25s, 13 to two, 33s, 33s, 72 favorite for Joseph Brian. 15 to two second favorite for Gordon, 80 to one, ten to one. It's got to be a double figure price. And just forget about everything at George prices afterwards. It's a proper each way scumbag race. And I'm looking forward to getting stuck into it, but Dennis and Barry have both given you horses to keep on the short list there. Scriptwriter briefly as it was a major disappointment in the race. This was his first attempt right handed. And he was given ways away to his rifles. He made bad mistakes at the second, the fourth last. He made a hash at the third last before Cyrus fell and then caused causing to be hampered. And from everything we know about him, Dennis, he's a bridal horse. Like Milton Harris has said that that he doesn't want to be in front too soon. He doesn't respond well to the whip, and it now appears as though he just doesn't like being driven along either. Yeah, but you know what, Milton Harris, he's

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