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Ernst and of course nationally known comedian brett earns fellas. How do and how we feel and were towards the end of the week. We're getting closer to chargers week. How feeling so far. I mean i know there's a lot of doom and gloom going around the cowboys but i'm hoping we can kind of just pick ourselves up off of this. I don't know somehow it's A little nervous now. Yeah yeah. I mean look awful. It is it is. It's it's you know. I said this tongue in cheek when it happens so we can't get your break and unfortunately the break that we call it was demarcus. Lawrence is foot demarcus. Lawrence is now out six to eight weeks which is a heck of a length amount of time and You know it's it's a it's a big loss and there's no there's no way to sugarcoat it or anything like that We were already down. Randy gregory with the cova stuff that seems to be You know they didn't rule him out yet but as we record this. It is thursday night. The washington football team is actually playing the new york. Giants as a record this No ruling out yet but all signs are pointing to the fact that we are not going to have our to starting defensive ends kato. So randy gregory Randy gregory was He's already said he has coded while he. He tested positive Back when when it was announced. I don't know what did you miss that part. I thought i thought he was around someone. Well no what happens is we'll know what happens is the rule is in the nfl. If you if you if you test positive and you're vaccinated then all you have to do is present to negative tests and a twenty four hour span and then you can just get cleared in. You're right back with the game and you have to be symptomatic. That's the case he's asymptomatic. We don't know about you know as far as the negative tests are concerned. I'm not sure how many how much more time there is really. So it's as we review this one. Were we're almost going to say. And kind of guarantee that he's not gonna play if he plays and he's cleared wonderful. But i think this bodes very very bad for dallas cowboys team. That couldn't get to the quarterback at all a tom brady kind of sat back and did his thing You know a quicker release. Of course more than just in herbert but brett losing both defensive ends going into a game like this where we already lacked in the pressure department. How does that. How does that make you feel. I guess really think makes me feel stash aright dating. Get them saint crew. This same crew did not get to a brady rise million. I mean what are. We missing. A lot of has to do with brady's ability to guess read into as quick release. It's not like look right all right fine but i'm just saying it is what it is quick. Release whatever you may say. We did not get to the quarterback dornan and strong only one to get to the quarterback. Now i i also i also texted you guys about the markets lawrence and i know you guys probably thought i was being an idiot but i really think that when you're not practicing when you're not playing and you put so much on your body like he did I don't think that's good for anyone guessing. So you're suggesting that this injury was basically caused by the fact that there's just no preseason saying i'm not saying that's just it but it might have something to do with it man. Yeah happens a lot when people sit out camp or they you know. Look we put them on the i r in the beginning when it was like not even knew he was going on on on our on. I are at. It's one of those things words. You're you're just don't want your players to get hurt. You know so you keep them out you keep them out just just you know. Get them ready to play man. Get them ready to play. I think the worst. Yeah i think the worst part about this is the fact that he broke his foot in practice. You know what i'm saying like if it's a game situation you know you. There's nothing you can do about that. As i said we're we're recording right now. And and the giants lost and offensive lineman. You know probably for the season. You know what i mean so like if it's in a game situation there's nothing you can do. You can't do that. No what i'm saying though is it's not even that it could be him recovering from that game. Correct saying one of those things where man he just went. He hasn't played that much in a while. Now he's got a practice. You're throwing you're throwing everything at these players right away. I mean it was a practice. It wasn't hitting anyone him and he was he was in the scrimmage was seeing the scrimmage against durant de la no. He didn't do that was his first. Play was against tampa. Yeah i it's it's unfortunate. Obviously but like from the game perspective now heading into the next. I mean six to eight weeks when you think about ready gregory will be back at the very least next week Which obviously. I was a very big You know rainy gregory like rar guy throughout the whole tire preseason. I said we're going to get him for a full season. Is going to be great and then we lose them for a game already within the first two weeks nuts. It's it's it's insane. How how has this team how you know what happens to this team. But i asked you guys this. Who are you looking for..

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