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I had been with my mom in schools all my life, right? I was in her kindergarten class. I went to the same school where she taught from first 5th grade. But it's more than that. It was writing to school with her in another teacher she would pick up his facey and hearing them talk and then being there before the kids got there because I had to get there when she got there and seeing what goes into class into her life before the kids even get there. And then after school, I would come be in her classroom for another two hours while she did all the work she had to do after school and had her conversations with the other teachers and her relationship with the principal, et cetera and I also knew my mom's home life, you know? I knew how much life there was outside of her just being a teacher and people's favorite teacher, but I really got to see the ecosystem of a school. What it looks like behind the scenes and but I didn't realize it until I went back to visit. When I had some separation from this situation and all of a sudden I'm in my mom's classroom for the first time in years, like, and I'm just looking at it, this thing that was so familiar to me, but now looked a little foreign. And it felt like I was just watching TV. I'm just like sitting at my mom's desk watching her kind of kooky principal at the time coming and out and watching her she also was a new school. She had been at the same school for almost 20 years and then she in her before her retirement. She had gone to a new school and she had been there for about three years. So while also was interesting to me is that, wow, my mom's ecosystem looks exactly the same that it did at her other school. Right. Right. That was so, so fascinating to me. She had the same kind of person as her best friend. And you know, in the same kind of relationship with the parents and it looked like she had just transported her classroom to another classroom. With the same problems probably, right? Yes, exactly. And that all was so unique to me. And I think it showed me, this is who my mom is. My mom, it might be one of the few jobs, right? That I believe, you kind of are what you do. Everything else, I feel like my job is what I do. It's not who I am. And I feel that way. I know people don't they would be surprised, but I feel that way about what I do for work. I love Abbott. I'm fortunate enough to love my work. But that's work. It's not necessarily who I am. But with teaching, I think it might be the one job. You know, the kind of person you are very much is to even teach is like all intricately linked and watching my mom's office be the exact or her classroom to be the exact same as it was like, this is who you are. Like, she teaches all the time. You know, she talks to me like I'm a kindergartner still. And so it was just fascinating to me. And I'm sitting at her desk and I'm watching it, and I was like, watching her talk. And I said, this is beautiful. This is a show. I feel like the viewer, but to be here and be in here is what the mockumentary should feel like to be sitting in this classroom the way I am right now. And it went from super funny because, you know, I just look at people and things and laugh, like a crazy person, because I do the same people are naturally so funny. Yeah, yeah. To me and my mom are arguing about me wanting her to retire and her will need to quit comedy and come home. To super powerful when a parent came in at the last minute and brought their kid and talked about her his behavior in the kid play with that was so powerful to me. So to go through that range of emotion, I was like, this is a TV show. And the idea that you just mentioned of it being in the mockumentary style, that I wanted to ask you about how early that entered the picture because you've been very nice about complimenting collaborators you've said Larry wilmore, obviously not on this project, but he helped shape what you've done. And then the other person who one of the other people who I've seen you be effusively complimentary about is this guy Randall einhorn, who had been involved with parks and rec and the office. He's now an EP and I think he directed your first four episodes of season one and the finale, but the fact that those happen to be mockumentary did that was that was he bringing the idea of mockumentary or he came because you already knew that you wanted to do a mockumentary. No, at that point, you know, at that point, Abbott was in my community, because Abbott was in my career in my even when I thought of it as a cartoon. What was always a mockumentary when we, you know, when I wrote the pilot we developed it and I wrote the pilot, it was written as a mockumentary. And then it was time to find directors and I was like, really want someone who's done documentary before. I know this is a different beast. And I need someone who knows what they're doing, because in reality, I didn't, and Justin and none of us had ever done in my community before. And you all we knew was it was different. And so we, the pilot goes out, different directors come to us and some of them, I'm like, have they done documentary? Maybe he's like, no, I'm like, I'm so sorry y'all. I don't mean to be a brat, but I don't want them. I can't figure out how to do this with them. I want someone who knows what they're doing. That's the only way we're going to make a good pilot. Randall einhorn gets back to us. Here's this guy directed, I don't even know how many episodes of The Office Randall directed, but helped develop this style here in America, parks and rec and I'm like, oh my God. So we meet with him and I'm like, holy shit. I was trying to find like a woman or a person of color, but you know, here's the whitest man I know. And but more than him having the knowledge of my he got the show. He got, he got what we were doing. He got what we were trying to do. He understood every at every level, the heart, the humor, and I was like, this is our guy. And he just, without him, there'd be no Abbott as people know it because, you know, I was such a fan of The Office and I'm like, yeah, she looked like The Office. But he said, he was the one that said, but this is Abbott. This is, we're not going to do Talking Heads in the break room. We're going to do Talking Heads in the hallway to show the length of the school and the warmth of the school. And we're not going to have drab lighting, the lighting should be warm, because we're dealing with children not paper. And I'm like, you're so right. And it was stuff I felt in my vision, but I couldn't necessarily articulate. It was such a, I mean, to have him there. And to even help direct is a little, once again, things on new book couldn't articulate. I knew that the acting style had to be different. But he had the director

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