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And tax records social security numbers, wire transaction receipts and driver's license images cribs reports that all this information that time could have been seen without authentication by anyone with a web browser. It is for three red flag. Warnings continuing coastal. Beaches with dangerously. Strong rip currents beach officials say if you're an adult and you know how to swim only go waist deep. And if you don't know how to swim. We'll just stay on the beach and enjoy watching the surf keep your children out of the water. Is well, there's still nothing to. They're still has nothing been found onto teens that are missing seventeen year old Matagorda beach near freeport, and another seventeen year old it surf side. Brasilia county beaches are closed vehicles today due to extremely high tides Travis carry a fifty two year old southwest Houston man was visiting with a woman on his front porch very early this morning. She left and then two men arrived, and they shot carry. Hey, fired back and killed one of them. But the other men went back and shot him ten times he died on his front porch. Surveillance video shows the three people who were involved, so thirties, or combing through that and hopes it will help them. Find carries killer. Today gamble will go down and bring the Texas legislature to a close after a very productive twenty nineteen session last night at eight thirty. They approved a disaster carry measure, more than four and a half billion dollars will be provided for public education and teachers will be getting a raise in restrictions on property tax increases today, legislatures are legislate. Towers are expected to vote on the nomination of Matthew Whitaker as a secretary of state and interviewer. There's a college that it's getting ready to offer a major that will prepare students for a real career. Fox's grenell? Scott has the information. The state university of New York a Cobo skill will offer the program and canine, training and management, the four year course of study was developed by trainer of military, and police dogs who says a demand for canine that can sniff out explosives and help veterans has expand. Since nine eleven. Stephen MacKenzie says dogs that find drug stashes and missing people are also being sought by law enforcement, the program will train about fifty new dogs of varying breeds, each semester, and require for students. Six hundred hour internship at a dog themed business like the search dog foundation or the American kennel club, Grenell Scott, Fox News. As tres playing the cubs today, Jack mayfield's debut and major league game at his very first at bat he doubled. And then he got his first RBI and a five run third inning right now. They're in the eighth inning. And the score is yeah, Estra six Chicago Cubs. Three Sally Adams on Houston's NewsRadio seven forty KTAR h. Join GD IT and own career of possibilities apply now at GD IT dot com slash couriers is an equal opportunity employer. Disability veteran. One every single congressional district in my state, including Michele Bachmann. Okay. It's when you guys are supposed to cheer. Okay. This is a moment in our history is not about politics that patriotism, is an existential threat administration to our democracy. In terms of that constitution. Drain. The swamp draining the.

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