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Rick flair but man. I would compare it to eric. Clapton's autobiography called clapton. Eric clapton tells his life story in such a manner that you think to yourself. You're an awful human being to everyone around you and that's your version of the story. Imagine how bad the reality is because most people of make themselves sound a little better well as comedian bill. Burr remarked on his podcast after watching the rick flair thirty for thirty. I don't think i've ever laughed that hard. I mean i have to go back to like richard pryor special that guy is arguably one of the funniest beings ever and. I have to tell you something what. I commend about that guy in this nature. Boy thirty for thirty that you have to see is he did not run from anything he owned up to everything goad bad they were sitting there talking about like him around and his wife and he was just gone yet. How long were you faithful for in your marriage. He just goes one day and he was like i couldn't do it. I couldn't do. I came home. And i spent a day with my family and i was like bored out of my mind. I was in hell and it was so -freshing for those of you who are emailing me. I appreciate you offering in. But i am aware as j. Y superfan that his theme song was also another one bites the dust i he had either four or five over the course of his career. I'm aware of that. I just think grab them. Cakes is so funny and that's why we chose to use that one instead of the more obvious another one bites the dust but yes you are correct all right to the phone lines we go ramon. I'm not sure what my list is. We started with kin. All right Why don't you give me the first three names. So i'll just have them. Ken bobbin james all right. We'll start with your favorite wrestler extra credit. If you do it in his voice you stole. My thunder was say wide d all day long yards plenty of thunder. Did you go over to see him in lake charles. Or where'd you see. I did not never travel to see on. Watch them on sunday morning. Tv paul bosch. Oh yeah okay see. I didn't grow up in. Houston so i had to learn who paul bosch was a why that was important. It just kept coming up again and again and again and so i kind of went back. Did my own study all right. So next is bob. That right ramon bob james jay. Okay bob you're up i My i'm old school too and my favorite wrestler of all time was wild bo curry all. Wow yeah we're going we're going back. I liked this j europe. Go ahead james. The undertaker that was my nephew. Raj is favorite character. And i always thought that was the lamest character to have as your favorite but it turns out a lotta people. A lot of people did chris. You're up chris ahead. Hey best technical wrestler in art but my favorite toby wear coco. Beware getting who mcdaniels. I did not see that coming a lot of emails. Coming in for who mcdaniels all right. Let's go to j j. up because he could pick of do now. Not g gorgeous ladies of wrestling. Oh my goodness we have a woman and she's out doing the boys. I i didn't see this coming. Okay where did you grow up. Houston i used to go to the coliseum and see you you. Wf call bosch and all the guys who took you. My grandma used to take me. And i love the moving leak and dog journey. Do you remember them. No no but. I love that you remember when i love that. It's obviously important to you. What was your grandmother's name. Dottie dot. what a great old name. I knew the lady cut my hair dotty donny. Wet no dottie west. A senior dottie dallas. I think johnny. Dallas tony douse his mom. Was there every dorothy back. Then was dottie. What a great old name. I love that theresa two girls in a row theresa. you're up go ahead yes We used to go see Big humphry big humphry. Where at the coliseum. Ever talk he would tell my Boyfriend oh okay. What year would this has been Back in the sixty. And sorry in the fifties i was. I was seventeen and nineteen fifty eight and so i was dating back in those days. I could hear you be seventeen again in your mind. When you told that story i could see the went back in your mind to the coliseum. That is awesome. Thank you for the call. Joe and then robert and robert joe go ahead then you see him on friday nights. My grandpa told me see why mccain there you're going to another wahoo mcdaniel. I'm getting more wild. Who mcdaniels than any other of the non top tier wrestlers. I'm not sure. Why robert europe go ahead sir barry at greatest wrestler of all time tad jesse the body and man. That's i. This is a complicated answer or discussion. Thank you for the call. I actually liked ventura as a wrestler. I actually liked ventura. As the governor of minnesota ventura has done a few things in the last. Few years that Much like alex jones when he when he did what he did to. Michelle malkin I yeah yes. Ventura was a was a fantastic Wrestler i i will i will. I will leave it there. How about that all right coming up. If you love to catch fish or if you just love to cook fish then you will like our next guest. he's been on before his name is hank shaw. He says this is the definitive cookbook for fish and seafood. All right. i'm getting a message. Here for mill moscow jose lithuania. I've got a couple of those tiger conway and boris malingco. We're going way back. Thank you all right. We're talking preparing fish because this is a variety show. If you haven't figured it out coming up..

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