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That we could finish that bill, and it never happened. So I've been working as much as I can since March, right at went to no avail. So I don't have a lot of hope that I could tell you don't either, but I'm going to try and the next 48 hours to see what we can get. It's not that you know, gives many of us as we can. We'll find the letter will send it off. You know, considering about it. This is a state. Rep. Kelly Townsend, who is now is going to be a senator come next month. On knsd Am 7 90 State Senator. So you had nine of you up on that panel yesterday. I'm assuming there were other Republicans not up on that panel. That table that were in the audience watching weren't there. Absolutely. There was many who wanted to be, and we're very upset that they couldn't be because they wanted to represent their constituents. We, you know. Mark Fincham did a phenomenal job. Brett Roberts did a phenomenal job and I know that there was so many out there. You know, we had won't Blackman in the off in the audience. We had Judy Burgess and Wendy Rogers and Kevin Pain and on and Anthony Kern and I'm sure I'm gonna forget some of them. But they were there and there was. I'm sure some watching on zoom so you can't just look at the ones who are vocal. There are other legislators they're ready to represent. And I'm I'm looking forward to sending that letter. It has to happen, but just know I'm gonna do everything. I can t o put a foundation underneath it That says I can't You have a lot of people a lot of people that were there. I mean, I'm assuming. Listen, I know you say you want You want to see the evidence, and I guess here's the thing like you. You got Mean witness witnesses, and I'm assuming like Linda Brickman right again. They may I keep going back to America by county GOP chairman She signed an affidavit right? Ah, sworn affidavit. I'm assuming Yeah. Don't you want people to go to prison, though? When we get the evidence? That's what's gonna say I agree, but But first before they go to prison, I want Trump to still be in the White house. I know, I know. So it's It's a two pronged fork, right? We've got to do both. But the first thing is gonna be to one side that I want the other side so I can send these people the present. Yes, but I wanna make sure then that that could be next month, Which would be great, You know, Give me what I wanted to go to prison. I don't trust me. I want them to pay the price. Um, but but I got I gotta make sure like, you know, anyway, we gave Trump doesn't pull this out, and they could still go to prison as great. But I think first and foremost, the first thing has to happen next 13 days is to make sure Trump gets in the White House. So my point is my my commitment that we will get many names accumulated on that letter. And I'm saying Is there any doubt all the people that were there yesterday? I mean, they saw people are giving such incredible testimony. You know the numbers. None of it makes sense. Doctor Shiva with 100 30% of Democrat votes going to bite. And how does that has it over 100 years. Said. That makes no sense everything that we don't know why. I was surprised because I was told it was 1.25 for Biden and 0.75 for the president. And now here is 1.3. So that's even more shocking cam in it was no surprise, but I was like, Well, this is more They really stretched it they had. They knew they had to really stretch it because there was no way Biden Was going to win Arizona. You could tell that when we drove through Tempe, and we had our trump flags and all the rest and all the students were cheering us on. I went in there thinking I was might be in danger, and instead you had everybody. We drove past cheering us on him, but there is absolutely no way Joe Biden won Arizona. And yet, here we are. And this is the saw yesterday how he did. Yep. So now that you see it, I'm assuming you spoke to your colleagues that were on the table. The panel with you? What do you wanna call it and the other ones that were in the audience. Are they? Justice convinced his ugh and so I'm getting. It also is that do you think that they will put their name on the letter as well? Because they're so convinced that there was just so much fraud. It just can't go. It might not go to trump, but it can't go to buy. Right on I must speak for. I mean, you don't want to speak for them. I don't wanna miss speak, but I can't imagine how they don't put their name on it and many others, But, you know, I think there's going to be the Doug Ducey hold out those who are wanting to maintain the favor of the governor. And they will hold out and that number is dwindling. You know there for a while. It was just me and Michelle Agency Rita and a couple others, and then a few more came on. There's a hurricane coming and they're not gonna be able to stop it and is in the question is who are going to be the few left? That will not do the right thing. And the public is watching the president is watching. We are all watching. And who will those people be? Because you couldn't see right now? The title wave of energy coming From the legislators themselves. They want to honor their oath. They don't want to just give a note. They want to honor it, and I appreciate that. I I just I so glad that they're doing that. So I don't know how they don't put their name on there, but we'll wait and say, we'll see who doesn't So there are more people coming over to your side. Kelly, this is Kelly towns and state rep soon to be state senator on Knsd Game 7 90 more that were part of the Ducey camp. Are they seeing? I mean, for whatever reason, maybe they've seen the evidence. Maybe they're seeing Ducey literally throw his entire career away. I mean, it was bad enough. And then he went overboard yesterday by signing this you don't you? Don't throw your career away when you've got the minion. You don't it doesn't You know you didn't see Joe Biden campaigning. Don't need to do anything. You've got Dominion set up for you, so whoever is behind the scenes gets to decide. You know who wins so well. Is that where we are now? I mean, we don't have to worry about the public opinion because we got the thumb drive. So then that's another thing. Um, when the session starts next month, will there be a major call and action to get rid of all Dominion voting machines and all this stuff? There was Phil Waldron yesterday. The carnival, Waldron said. There was one non paper ballot way of voting that is secure. Created by M. I T. So it's going to be a call to get rid of all the men in all this stuff throughout Arizona even trust that, to be honest, I've been researching for the last two years and I've gone to the conferences and I've talked to the people that are pushing for the Blockchain method. And there's some who say Blockchain is fabulous. And there's others say if it's in a computer system, it's hackable. So I don't even trust that. But this been voter fraud since there's been voting, so we just have to spend do our due diligence and find the best way and public listening..

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