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Jones dot com we've got a link for you at coast to coast AM dot com as well we're gonna have some fun with our callers this hour Cheryl. ready to rock and roll you've got it what is so in terms of space what what do you like do you like the privatization of space do you like the direction it's going. I think I'm excited most about the possibility of all of the technology that we could get from it and my only concern is with the advanced technology this possibly available to us where will the controls come in and even though advanced technology might be available to us it's may not be we name may not be allowed to enjoy everything it just depends on the control so I'm I'm really that would be that the main thing I would be looking at there is how much would would we be allowed to utilize if you were offered a trip to go to the moon and back would you go. I'd be a little concerned about making it back home safely really. yeah we did fifty years ago I know I know I might go but I would have to think about that long and hard do you have pets. I yes yes I I have a I have done that would be an issue yes it would it would let's take some calls go to George in Saint Louis like I'm talking to myself why Georgia. by the way rockets story site is back up with a super great says go ahead George George hi Cheryl I know I learned the Cheryl if you've seen.

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