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Soccer pot on Twitter, please come and follow us. We should be. We should be a ten thousand followers by. It's ridiculous. Considering all listeners, we have caught off site ESPN on the Graham of, instance, you got an a lot of trouble the other day. Oh, no, we, you're, you're a bad boy music music was taken known and don't say it like that. You may say don't say it like that. People. Get the wrong idea, right? Mike Messina has grit question that you would ask across a pint in pub-, what your friends, but it requires its own intro music. Milner. Squeeze. Oh, yes. Right. Being aficionado, tea drinker extraordinaire, James Michener question two league titles. E Ige, winner five hundred twenty two appearances and a handful of cups will James Milner be considered a Premier League all time. Great. Oh man. That's tricky. So you're saying if there was a primarily hall of fame yet. It'd be in it is he is he is not a I bought it hall of fame. No, he can't be like his time at city was bench Cullman making contributions. But I'm trying to think who is what is comparable in the NBA like a glue guy, is he like Andrea would Dala glue guy. All I dollars what, what Daal is for the warriors, or maybe like Draymond green. What? Green is a truly great player. Huge part of what the warriors did. But like when it's all said and done. Well, he be a hall of Famer I dunno..

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