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But Jim forty years ago member of the Communist Party USA hung out with Gus hall himself no look the Democrat party about Bronco bomb of was a descended into a a disciple of solo Lynskey a radical leftist agitator Hillary Clinton was an intern for Saul Alinsky Jim here is talking about Gus hall the Communist Party he was the chairman of the Communist Party USA for decades he was there I think for time or more presidential candidate for the Communist Party USA and I don't know anybody that voted for him but I do know and not personally but I do know that Barack Obama decided make John bread and the director of the CIA and John Brennan had voted for got salt for the presidency of the United States because he hates America and he always did and and he's not on our side and he's not an honest man and he's not a good man he is not a serious man he is there is a danger to civilization when given enough power but that said but thank you Jim for rock calling in and Paul also great great calls this morning The New York Times over the weekend what what did this come out may have come out Friday afternoon there is a a guy at the New York times by the name of of Bret Stephens Bret Stephens is a I guess he calls himself a Republican or a conservative vase say an opinion columnist with The New York Times it till it's surprising Wall Street journal and all this stuff and and he has a I don't know if he calls himself a former Republican he's an a is a never Trumper he is an anti Trumper a virulent frothy anti Trumper and and that's why the New York times pays them as one of their conservative slash Republican columnists may cause yeah here welcome in the news from as long as you hate along with them it's like the text messages between Peter stroke at least a page where this page was texting I think she was out at lunch thank god I hate these people I had all these people I hate hate hate because she's a lefty and all it everybody and Peter stroke famously texted back or not so famously if you get your news from CNN stroke famously texted back I wish I could be there to hate with you which is a sign of true love I think that's a true love really love is more about hate than it is about if you're a Democrat Brad Stevens wrote a piece about you know we had the Democrat debate so if you can call them that on Wednesday night and Thursday night ten Democrats on the stage eight show time read Stephen starts out by making fun of them speaking Spanish Bret Stephens speaks fluent Spanish fluently and died on me goes Democrat us still status again Massey Evan and it goes on and on he's making fun of them translation for the linguistic laid tonight at Democrat friends if you go on like this you're going to lose the elections and you'll deserve it they talk about the Democrats and what they stand for and what their applauded for by their MSNBC audience being deceived into thinking that this is the way the nation thanks he says the Democrat party is a party that makes too many Americans feel like strangers in their own country that puts more of its faith and invest most of its efforts in them instead of us they speak Spanish we don't they're not U. S. citizens or legal residents we are they broke the rules and to get into this country we didn't they pay a few or no taxes we already pay most of those taxes they willingly get themselves into debt they asked to write it off they don't pay the premiums for private health private health insurance we're supposed to give up ours in exchange for some V. eight type nightmare they didn't start enterprises that create employment and drive innovation you didn't build that says Brock Obama you didn't build that and the rest of the Democrats jumped on that you didn't build thank I expected to join the candidates and demonizing the job creators breaking up their businesses and taxing them to the hilt that was the broad gist of the democratic message in which the only honorable exceptions like Maryland John Delaney Colorado's John Hickenlooper came across like square dancers at a rave square dancers at a rave on closer inspection the message gets even worse promising access to health insurance for north of eleven million undocumented immigrants at a time when there is a migration crisis at the southern border every candidate at Thursday's debate raised a hand for that one and it was surely the evening's best moment for the trump campaign calling for the decriminalization of border crossings while opposing a wall that was a major theme of Wednesday's debate underlining the Republican contention that Democrats are a.

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