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Republican Party. He's the only guy that's ever been on the show. This is the third time we hardly ever have any guests on here. But when he wrote me and said, I'm gonna be there, I'm gonna be right. I'm going to be one of the 336 delegates. Votes to nominate Donald Trump. Today we said, Oh, we got to get him on joining us now. A man with three names Matthew Patrick Thomas. Hey, mystery over! Wait, wait! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! What do you say you're making news? 3 36 things. On the on the lead, and I heard Carl. I know on different sides of the local sector, you know, because we're both political when it comes to politics. You agree on that, But get your guys again. Yes. So, Thomas, you are apparently right down front. You've got the best seats in the house. Oh, my God. You have to work for yet again. Political nerd. You're walking scene down there, but yet Brianna 36 people in the room. And when the president when their standard how how Everything speeches when they're doing all the nominees or that came up in a Florida number. Wait. President from Florida and then have a palace that put him over the top makes the nominee. Then you look around the room and see all these secret service guys popping up in black suits. You don't like me like we've got to get the front right now. You want to go up there but either after forgiveness and permission from the people of the next you know, come in. We just rushed out. I'm not coming, guys. Dead center right in front of the podium books and write it out and then and then, he said, And then he said, this You want to really crazy, you say 12 more years.

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