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Not only do you have a guy that is quote unquote ball dominant as if that's some kind of negative connotation to it but you have that guy who can create plays. That is unstoppable at scoring. The ball can create for others and then if for some stupid reason team decides they're going to double him or take the ball out of his hands. You have other guys understands or on your team that can step up. So this is it's like this is the recipe for a great team. Well and I think the key really is that Luca can play off the ball. Aw if he needed to yeah well yeah but would regardless he can in fact whenever teams started doubling and trapping him a lot he he plays more off the ball now not not all the time. It's not like he does it a lot but they they do that. They'll have someone else. Bring the ball up he gets. We're catching shoot shots. Yeah I mean that's it has happened more. It's still not very common. What I think the fact that he can? Yeah I think what you see more is is when he does bring it down he passes it quicker now eventually the ball may come back and meet him again either for a catch and shoot or him with a screen of justice. The defense off balance But yeah I know to me. That's it's not a negative light. You should be happy that you have a guy that can do anything that he wants to do on. A Courtney plays figured team well so my appointed like saying that he can play off the ball. Is I think if if a guy is ball dominant to the point where it becomes a problem. It's because he also can't play off the ball so I think guys like Carmelo Anthony James James Harden James Harden Russell Westbrook guys like that. That really can't play off the ball so that's when it does become. The problem is if you do need to adjust or if you do Chattanooga wrinkle they can't do anything off the ball whereas with Luca you're not going to do it a lot but just say hypothetically so you need to do to few times. They'll just take it that he can still do that. And I think that's why is not necessarily problem now. Now the other problem would be like say. You're in a playoff series and Luca goes out. Is it automatic that they're gonNA lose that series and if so is that will be a problem. Now who's the series any team that loses their best player is GONNA probably lose this series. It's not a negative connotation on unless you have Freakin Steph clay and dream on and durant on your team where we're durant can go out and you could win but you know that. That's it's been one team in the history of the League. So if if the Lakers are in a series with the Mavericks and will broncos out the maverick and destroy Roy them. Yeah 'cause they have nobody else so and they rely on lebrons so it's not a negative that you have a a ball dominant guy. I don't even like wording it that way to me. You have one of the best players playmaker we want to give him the not. That has well. And it's it's it's not like it's it's such a more efficient player than other twenty point scores that you've seen in history. You know you have. Yeah you can have a guy that can put up twenty twenty five points a game but it doesn't equal wins and yeah those guys you don't really want the ball in their hands all all that much because you need to spread it around so you're GONNA win a couple of games and with Luca that's not the case it's equaling winds. Here's an interesting point. So Oh the since two thousand the player that has won league. MVP also won an NBA title of that year. Only five times since since two thousand. So there's always talk about Luca be an MVP candidate which I love and I want him to win mvp but does that say something about the Mavericks as a team that they have some holes they need to fill. If just looking at that stack. Clearly you know basically if you're winning. MVP It's because because you're the only guy on your team that can get it done but you're good enough to take them to fifty wins. I mean I'm such a vague. I don't know like whoever came up with that. Just needs to burn day. Came up with what that find. Well it's true. Yeah but I don't think there's any correlation there like you know. I think it's hard to win a championship even for MVP players so you know in in two thousand six two thousand seven. The mavs were the best team in the League and Dirk won the MVP who also they have on their team well. It did matter the year before they went to the finals and had a bunch of trash trash hopefully none of them. Listen to this podcast. But you know well. He had players like Ciganda Jaap out there making big plays for them and they didn't win a ring. Yes but I don't know to me it's such I don't there's so much more involved winning a championship than just. Hey well you know this is happened and this must be true. My point is though that if you have a guy that is a clear undoubted. MVP candidate on your team. Then maybe the rest of your roster you need to find a way to improve it so that he does not such a giant gap between him and the rest of the players. You did that sentence with but maybe maybe if this perhaps like okay. I don't mean that in I mean it just take out the maybes and the rest of the statements still oh stands. If there's such a huge gap between Luca and their next and the rest of their roster yes that's great for MVP's but in terms of winning a ring at maybe it means that roster isn't good enough the fact that MVP's have also won the championship even though it's not as often is it takes out of that because has fm if you're the MVP you're just the best player on the best team is typically what happens in the regular season. But you know that whether your team mm isn't as good or not doesn't matter still won. MVP Yeah. But I want to win a championship. Yeah I just feel like this is such A. What are we arguing about here? Like his first of all. He's not GonNa win. MVP this year. He's just not as much as I want him to. He's not GonNa win. MVP So we don't have to worry about that. Our chances of winning championships just went up. Dramatically changed it. Would you say she's such a weird stat. I just there's so much more involved than in just those two things going to work. I don't know whether it's so funny but it was. I like that though like if he doesn't win. Vp to our chances of winning. Go Riga Skyrocket rocket. This is so dumb. I can't believe or even talking about pot is such a dumb stat. I thought it it's an interesting factoid. And you clearly disagree. I think she's I think is completely pointless. I it's nothing to do with anything else. The moral of the the story is that Luka is amazing and that's it I don't even think we even said okay moving onto the next topic. You've said recently to me that you think that Tim Hardaway Junior is the Mavericks Shooting Guard of the future and it came up because obviously trade season is four months away. So we're all predicting what trades there but you know we're we're kind of about these trades and and some of them center around Tim Hardaway Junior because of his contract and all that and But you said you know not only should they keep him but he is. They're shooting are the future like you think he's going to be when you say it like that. It makes it sound. Like I'm saying that he's future all star I don't know but he's he's like they're gonna like he's in the role not just by default but also because they want him in that role and they wanNA keep him in that role and I think that Eventually really his price tag is GonNa be a lot lower okay so you know. Obviously he's not going to continue to make seventeen eighteen million dollars a year when this contract it is up if it is. It won't be for the Mavericks because I don't think they will resign him for that. And when he goes in averages twenty points a game on forty five percent from three. You know who should go after him if they win they cap space the Lakers okay And the bucks okay. Sorry continue any with your point. You were saying oh his contract if he gets a big fact. It's not going to be with the Mavericks. So so I think that they like what he brings as far as his athleticism and his size and his quality defense. He's not a lockdown doc down defender and the price tag that it will be and I think it's actually a good fit next to Luca and I've mentioned this before in the past. It's not the fact is not just the fact that he he can shoot. Threes is the fact that he can get his shot up. Even when. It's pretty well contested. And I think that's important next to because because Luke is not always going to get you a wide open shot. So he's got a quicker release than say seth in he'd jump jump higher than said and he's just tall I think is a six six six six six. Yeah and he's athletic. And I think the MOMS want straight athleticism next to to Luga and so I think Tim Hardaway will fit that bill plus he can step up in games that you need him to or in a playoff okay off series. He's the kind of player where he'll help you win. A series GIS by himself now the series after that he may be completely garbage but the garbage but he he will travel to contribute yes so but for one series he can help you win this series. I think. Also he's as a car while Kinda Guy I'm not guaranteeing he's going to be that but I think they like the idea of having that athletic guard next to Luca and he can get his shot off even when there is a contest there. I think you know like you said about how he can yet. He's athletic enough to get it off. which is important because like you said he doesn't always get a clean look and he doesn't need like he's not the Kinda guy that needs to dribble the the ball six times before he gets a shot up I'm enormously? He can be that player. We've seen that even if you tell him like no. You're not going to do that. You're you're gonNA catch and shoot. He's still really effective. The ball's not in his hands for very long. Yeah usually ever like even when he has to make a play he. He's not sitting sitting there for ten minutes thinking about what he wants to do before he goes he just goes. That is one nice thing about him is just go just go and sometimes you're like Whoa. What kind of shot shot was abbot? You know since the beginning of the season we haven't seen some of those ridiculous Yolo shots as long as he's moving within offense and the flow. It's GonNa you know. I think that's why he fits well with Carlisle system because he doesn't hold the ball he's not one of those Kinda guys he just. He goes sometimes passing sometimes. It's shooting right away. That's what you want for Carlisle. System Carlisle wants movement and flow and Hardaway contributes to that. So I think they like Hardaway Way. Obviously they don't WanNa pay him as much as they are and that potentially will go down if he decides to stay in the Mavericks decide to keep them but I think they will because I the price tag is going to go down. Do you think He's like a Jason Terry kind of now Jason Terry so so this is kind of the conversation we had the other night. Where a.

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