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As always. Nod to Mr David Lynch today. Sandwiched in between. All of that is an album that had I known about it sooner. We probably have made my top 10. It's Callie you purchase track is called Vaya Con Dios. Obscene miedo. Means without fear, without fear, pain of other demons, But it's new from Kluge's, and it is absolutely gorgeous. Highly recommend this one. You can pick it up right now. We heard from Fiona Apple in the set, Ladies from Fetch the bolt cutters. She's nominated for a bunch of Grammys, including best rock performance, Best Rock song and Best Alternative Music album, Billy, I'll ish. Therefore, I am also getting Emmy nominations for record of the year song of the year, best pop solo performance and on it on it on Delvin Gil Fillion from his Marvin Gaye tribute flying high in the Friendly sky. It started off with something new from Steve Lacey in from NAMI is the name of the piece man lived. So glad to have you along this morning. We haven't in resident session for you at 10 15 this morning. With the Brazilian artist sale. If you'll join me for that. I hope you'll stay with us A lot of goodness ahead this morning on KCRW. Today I'm press play August Wilson's plays have been performed on Broadway and launched the careers of actors like Violet Davis. Now a new generation is being shaped by his work. Anybody who sees this place anybody through comes across is working anyway, can see themselves in his work because of how true it is to the human experience. I'm Madeline Graham inside the August Wilson monologue competition, a new documentary today at noon and seven on press play on KCRW. I'm just about dead. So the baby can be a nobody s No, honey, give myself to my past a little bit. Could be But me, baby, They can't just say it. Just one the best..

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