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The day. We re launched tee-to-green a little bit a little bit of history. TD green was started back in the early nineteen nineties, and that's why it's America's longest running network radio golf show. Nobody was doing anything like this back back then as far as golf, and as far as golf on the radio and guy by the name of Jim Sheppard actually came up with the idea. Jim was a broadcaster for a long time a broadcasting legend out of Birmingham, Alabama. He helped Ted Turner launched a CNN at one point way back when and then Jim was doing some things and he came to the business radio network with an idea for a network radio golf show the networks at that time was was fairly new was looking to expand its space its audience. Since they wanted to add some weekend programming that would target demographic. And there was a business network. So they thought golf with fit right in with what they were doing. And I think they were they were correct with Jim started to show and of the wild after he started the show I came along and got involved that Jim had a a co host in Colorado Springs, wasn't really co-host role at the time. They had the guy that kind of set in the studio at the time the show was a Saturday afternoon show. They would take calls from listeners and Jim occasionally would have a guest on. But the role of the co host back then was pretty much to say, hey, Jim, we have we have Frank on line three from Des Moines, Iowa asking about whatever, and they put put the Gaston with Jim. And then Jim Jim or gyms gas would do their best to answer the caller's question. And there for some reason the the person they had at the time doing that with Jim just they they did they just did not get along. And. Yeah. And I was called into into our our operations managers office. His name was Dave rose. I think you know, Dave. And Dave said, hey, Jay, I was I was the sports director for the network at the time. And Dave said Jay we've got this really great show that we wanna keep on the air. We think it's we think that they know it's working out. Really? Well. However, Jim shepherd the host, and I won't mention the other person's name do not get along. And it's starting to show on the air, and Dave then proceeded to ask me about my interesting golf, and he said, you play golf, don't you? I said, yeah, I do like it. I said, yeah, he said would you like to step in and take so-and-so's place and be the be the traffic cops? So to speak here in Colorado Springs. And I said sure I'll give it attracts. So he put me in touch with Jim shepherd. I call Jim we'd never met we never even talked before. But for some reason, we hit it right off the bat, and it really worked out great. And and that's how I started getting involved with the show. Well, a few years later Jim left the show I became the solo solo host, and I expanded the role I became more than just a traffic cop actually became an on air. Full-fledged co host of the show and the show lasted up until about two thousand one and then it went away, and it was totally gone for about four or five years. And I had a chance to relaunch the show and did and we relaunched the show Tita green. It's Sunday show. Now, we relaunched it January six two thousand six after Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, and that's where we've been ever since then on January six to two thousand six our very first guest on the show just happened to be one of the richest men in the entire world and a guy very much connected with dolph his name was her colour the colour company. That's the that's the plumbing fixtures company, if you have a sink, or if you have a toilet or shower, or whatever chances are it's made by the Kohler company her colours worth something like. I don't know. Last. I looked is estimated to be worth about the worst about nine billion dollars. And he's a big fan of golf, and he was in Colorado Springs at the Broadmoor attending a conference by the US. And so we sat down face to face. He was there in person and talk to her colour in the first thing, I asked him was about his connection to golf. And how that came about. Well. Okay. Do we have we have a caller interview? Okay. Well, J it sounded like the that's the way to really kick. Started program is to get somebody like that on there who is, you know, slightly wealthy and also as a love of golf. So you had an opportunity to really kick off the show the right way and get things started and going, and and I think, you know, when you have somebody like that who is kind of a backbone to a program like this. Then it just makes the show even more successful. Yeah. Yeah. I think we got that interview ready to go. Now, we're going to play a little part of that for you with her colour. Like,.

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