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Who for two three guys. Welcome to another episode of anna. My pau gasol star. I can't do the bit. You get stupid mother figure. Hi guys welcome back to podcasters me. My bro- jim hotshot. Today we're gonna be talking about enemy training regiments. It's going to be the most hardcore episode. I have protein for breakfast. I have protein for lunch. And now we're doing. Just podcast bro. You didn't get your protein. Need your protein bro. I did my anime workout playlist. Which i've been working out to every week. I've gone tank as every minute. That's my bro- okay. No not doing now done. I guess so. Today we are talking about Training regiments you guys know. Train sounding shows and other shows in general where they go through rigorous training to get stronger even fights against one foe. Arthur like goku training assist in their blood and they know nothing else about the way of life. so we thought we'd actually just dive into their overall. Training regiments and like training. Specific techniques is going to be a very open discussion about training. in general. it's not going to be a list. We're just gonna go from point to point the point. We do have some that. We're gonna hit a specifically but it's not gonna be lake okay. We hit we hit this. We hit the is going to be very open and very like in the air so yes and no more. Jim bro. I'm done with that. That's not happening anymore. i'm not obviously. I'm drinking mountain dew. 'cause i'm a gamer. And that's what we do. I just say hotshot jimbo is probably my favorite hotshot. Well he's dead. He's not coming back. Never again never fine. Probably be back but i hate him. I'm just saying it is deathly hot today for me. You might hear me chugging back a little bit of water. I'm just four four warning on that you might hear going. Yeah so the answer that is that might happen multiple times just so deathly hot today. So how do you wanna kick off this topic hotshot. I you know talking about jim. Burroughs is good and all but like we need to talk about the real enemy. That are very very that workout that we the enemy focuses on them training. We have a lot of characters. I think i have an idea of where to start. But obviously i always welcome european. I i mean when you think enemy training i'm going to break this up actually a little bit when you think of anime training. What's the first character to pop in your head. My is rock lee okay. So let's talk a little bit about lee. We'll with. I guess lied to me is the epitome of training animate. This guy has done every single physical exercise onscreen i. I'm sorry. But this guy's literally entire focus. He's like the perfect is a perfect candidate for ami training because he's literally a failure in ninja to and gadget. So he's the character that let's take one character and let's just dedicate them to one craft physical battles and like the training behind and so i've been watching like montages of him working out. I've seen videos of his training is ridiculous like he does walking on arms. He has a squat jumps. I i see him do like a weighted clothing. Obviously i mean that famous scene with him versus garowe and then guys like so you could take them off and then it's like oh if you're wasting that breaks the floor. We all remember that scene upward push ups crunches on robes. She goes on like this guy. Everything everything it's crazy. He's just like the epitome of anime training. Mind like he's the most dedicated to as well. I think what do you think of when it comes to training honestly. He's probably the only the only character really who trains more than Goku because yeah goku doesn't do anything except fight and train really but at the same time like goku does take time to like eat and do some stuff with his family when she t like forces them to and hangs crillon shit lee not so. It's if he's not on a mission he's training and the the the drive on the boy for that kind of thing. It's just kind of insane. Like the exercise that i remember the most from lee is the run around the village on your hands like three hundred times. Yeah that's that's the that's the that's the one that pops in my head immediately. And i'm just like fucking hell like hell even In their Even in their super moves in the ultimate ninja games lee. an guy. they'll have a a workout move like it's it's mostly for guy but it incorporates like the if i can't do this so and so times then it's this this this and this ultimate ninja ninja. I think right guy does it was like one hundred sit ups He doesn't in. I think he doesn't clash of ninja to actually no no different in that. But there's always like some kind of workout like move or something like if not for lee at least for guy so if that doesn't tell you like how much that means them like not even just as training but as a character. I really don't think anything does because goku doesn't have a pell even a line. Like wow my trainings. Paid off or anything like that. It's literally just. I'm beating you with training. It's insane it's ridiculous. How much does guy trains like my guys. Well it's no is no slouch i think he implemented his work ethic until we just..

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