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He had a change of address. Doesn't mean he'd have a change of heart. He could have gotten them uptown on his steamboat has them here for however many days until they could make plans to get them safely up north. Amedeo says the proximity to the Hudson River would have helped Harris bring former slaves to freedom. Now, he and other advocates want landmark protection granted to the home. California State panel recommends parole for a one time Manson family follower Cameron Fairchild reports Bruce Davis was convicted in 1972 of first degree murder and conspiracy for the killing of Gary Hinman. Davis was also found guilty of murdering Donald Shorty Shea. The now 78 year old Davis has been found suitable for parole a half dozen times, but three California governor's reversed the parole board's recommendations. Davis was not involved in the Tate LaBianca murders carried out by other Manson family followers. I'm Cameron Fairchild, The woman who designed the iconic mittens that Senator Bernie Sanders were during the presidential inauguration, says she sold out Jen Ellis made the smitten sh that Sanders war in the viral photo and took to Twitter to break the news. She says she's delighted the Vermont senator, don them at the event, but unfortunately, she has no more mittens for sale. The hand knitted item is a mix between mittens and a sweater and the corona virus pandemic is forcing could divert to close more than 100 locations throughout North America. Most of the 128 stores are in the US, but there are 11 in Canada. However, those wanting to adults in a sweet treat can still buy good diver. Chocolates online. Candid other places like grocery stores on that back, Stan And I'm Susanna Palmer in the Bloomberg News Room. A week long strike at Hunts Point produce market ended today after workers overwhelmingly approved a deal that includes their largest pay increase in decades and more money for their health coverage. About 1400. Members of Teamsters local to 02 walked off the job January 17th upset with how they were being compensated, well, continuing to keep operations going throughout the pandemic. Governor Andrew Cuomo visited a nature vaccine pop up site in Brooklyn today and spoke about the growing ability to vaccinate in the state. But the supply bottleneck is making it difficult to do so. Yesterday. We exhausted all five weeks allocation We are now starting to receive week six. Allocations, which trickle in during the week, Cuomo said New York is expanding its network of vaccination sites and will work to deploy community vaccination kids to all 33 night just senior housing complexes and more than 300 churches. Statewide. We're hearing a group of owners that Trump Palace has met to discuss removing the former president's name from the condominium tower on the Upper East Side. More from Bloomberg's tiny's Pellegrini. They wouldn't be the first to go that route. Trump SoHo, for example, rebranded as the Dominic back in 2017 and branding expert Eric Schiffer says some unit owners fear that having Trump's name on their building could harm the value of their investment. A spokesperson for the Trump Organization didn't respond to ever cuts for comment. Denise Pellegrini Bloomberg radio. Mass transit users won't have to worry about the empty affairs going up for the time being, but drivers could soon face toll increases at bridges and tunnels. New York one reports yesterday. The empty a temporarily put off a vote over fare hikes, but raising tolls will still be on the table next month. Global news 24 hours a day on air and on Bloomberg Quick take powered by more than 2700, journalists and analysts in more than 120 countries. I'm Susanna Palmer, this is Bloomberg. Welcome to Bloomberg opinion on Bloomberg Radio. Bring you news comments and insights from Blue Merc. Opinions worldwide Team up editors and columnists. I'm your host, Drew Brosseau. This'll week, former NATO commander Admiral stood Breed is with lessons for fighting hate groups. Also on the show why the U..

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