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With the latest on the fighting on the ground There have been Russian missile strikes against railway infrastructure at the dnipro petrovsk region And it's presumably to stop weapons shipments nearby residential houses have been damaged civilians have been killed and wounded in these attacks There's been a lot of Russian activity in the eastern and southern Ukraine a lot of their military activity in recent days however has been curtailed because of Ukrainian forces getting the weapons they need to fight back And that activity could be curtailed even further after its announcement by Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin that Ukraine is going to start getting harpoon missiles and launches from Denmark Because of its heavy troop losses and equipment losses in the early phases of its war Russia had to start relying on missiles from ships These harpoon missiles can reach those ships and they are a game changer JJ there's a report that there was an attempt on the life of Vladimir Putin recently What can you tell us about this Yes There was an assassination attempt against Vladimir Putin in the early stages of this war This is according to Ukraine's military intelligence chief carillo butinov He said it happened early in the war He didn't get more specific than that He did say there were attempts to kill Putin There was an assassination attempt he said by representatives of the Caucasus Now he said as well this was not public not made public at all They covered it up and kept it quiet We haven't been able to corroborate this but it's being widely reported that it did happen several months ago but it also shows that this is a situation that Vladimir Putin has to worry about moving forward because there are an awful lot of people that are against this war And he does need to watch its back Double D.C. will be national security correspondent JJ green Talking there with Sean and Hillary you're listening to one O 3.5 at the WTO P dot com Mama what does the chicken say A chicken Oh okay Uh Oh a wolf Oh What about the tiny dog Ow Dolphin What does the turkey say Well so Do the giraffe Giraffe really Okay Giraffe Giraffe Giraffe You're not gonna get it all right Just make sure you nail the big stuff like making sure your kids are buckled correctly in the right seat for their agent's eyes Get it right Visit NHTSA dot gov Slice the right seat Brought to you by the national highway traffic safety administration in the ad council Here we de main on WTO P Sports at 15 and 45 powered by Red River technology decisions aren't black and white Think red The Tuesday morning May 24th welcome in sportstime indeed at two 15 rob's turn once again this morning Trey Turner's return to Washington went well for him in the Dodgers Swinging a ground ball that's into right field for a base hit Betz will score Freeman racing toward the plate Soto will not make a throw He is now one for four It's actually driven in three runs now when the first inning ground out it's the Dodgers 9 and the national's nothing Dave jagler with a call on 1500 a.m. the nationals honored Turner along with fellow nets World Series champion Daniel Hudson before a ten one route that actually could have been worse because of the Nats lone run came in the 9th inning and really only because of a great slide into second base by Nelson Cruz that Dave Martinez said is Awesome If I was 41 I wish I could run like that But that's two years These are professional In a bit of numerical symmetry Joanna dome lost his 6th straight start after giving up 6 runs while Tyler Anderson improved to 5 and zero after surrendering only 5 hits in 8 scoreless innings The Orioles gotta go ahead home run from Ramon urias in the 6th inning of a 6 four win over the Yankees to take the series opener in The Bronx the Boston Celtics dominated game four of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals even without Marcus smarts evening the series two two with a one O two 82 win over Miami In the NFL Nick Foles is reuniting with Frank Reich in Indianapolis signing a two year deal to back up quarterback Matt Ryan and of course he used to back up Carson Wentz who officially takes the feel for the commanders in the first organized team activities for the burgundy and gold Rob woodfork WTO sports All right thanks rob as always two 16 on your Tuesday.

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