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Hole. Thank you very much. President Donald Trump a just $750 in federal income tax is the year he ran for president and in his first year in the White House. That is, according to a report in the New York Times Trumps financial disclosures indicated he earned at least $434.9 million in 2018 tax filings reported. $47.4 million loss. The president called The Times Report fake news in 2012 President Trump in a Tweet criticized then President Barack Obama. For only paying 20.5% in federal income tax thief. US has now passed 200,000 deaths from Cove in 19. It comes as several neighborhoods in New York City are On watch. As authorities report a rise in cases and hospitalizations in Brooklyn and Queens neighborhoods are reporting of positivity rate of 6.75%. Infectious disease expert, Dr Anthony found, she says how the city responds to incidents like these can help lead of the places to tamper down their hot spots as well. When you get clusters the way that happened that Hopefully, they'll see that and say Okay, now we really got to be careful to avoid that, so that when they start to ease things up, they do it prudently and carefully because they were going along really well there for a while. Crowds of beachgoers pack bars and restaurants in Florida over the weekend following governor Round descent is a surprise executive order signed Friday, moving the state into Phase three of re opening. The order also lifted occupancy restrictions and suspended any enforcement on finds tied face masks. Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gilbert disagrees with the governor's orders. We need to open up. We need to get people back to work, but we need to do it competently. Gilbert says that removing mask mandates and other safety precautions will only increase their risk moving forward Global News 24 hours a day on air and on Bloomberg quick take.

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