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Nick needs that demand our awareness of in our response to in a in a way that might be different than we're used to so that i think is the more important thing than what country necessarily is providing best for their children would you say that the majority or the how the adoption places are are split and divided do you help with mostly us adoptions mostly adoptions from china or is a pretty equal split of all different countries currently right now in terms of our financial assistance the grants that we're giving at show hope our majority about forty percent of our applicants are adopting from china and all those adoptions our children with medical needs or special needs because that's the at options that china are currently doing in our country and then behind china is the united states so domestic adoptions is about another twenty twenty five percent of our adoption eight applicants and then the other the other thirty or so percent 30 to 40 percent is a variety of countries if i could just interjects i mean i don't know if this is your experience but when you say children are adopted from china with special needs or medical conditions my experience has been that many of these are very small to american standards they're very small medical issues that many of them can be corrected so i just want to communicate to our audience that if you are considering adoption and you're thinking about a child with special needs her medical issues many many many times these are issues that in the united states we would consider very really pretty small so i wouldn't let that stop you if you're thinking of adopting that's my personal experience it could be very different from other people's but um i'm just such a child advocate wanna see so many more children adopted because i think it opens up a whole new world not just for them but.

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