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Be enjoy from a duck or the help jordan from endeavor gore cowboy melinda or maybe the count your from a draw the camp in north america or the county and join or even the couch joy from or locale join us for the couch that is unbelievable you are all horrible at your jobs that is just unbelievable so i don't know who first coined the phrase then how did it travel around to all the different news organization i have no idea that is so laying it's not even a good phrase night sunny yet name of particularly clever niches how that is amazing your desk or the couch armagh handsome person who symmetrical and can read a teleprompter that debt while that is just incredible we've marvel that that through the years but to be better at your jobs tv news speaker cyber monday as anybody i know the numbers were supposed to come out this morning can somebody us see if those are out there were thinking it was going to be the biggest day in the history of capitalism which is an all something to mark and which will be the record until like tomorrow or whatever friday before christmas when the break another record but uh so we got sean deely stories that we won't be covering coming up next segment and he's going to get into the grammys which i'm of interested in a little bit of a who's up for best album which is something i could google right now it's it's inec it's in that sweet spot of category four me of things i'm interested in but not so interested i'd actually google it which is a very narrow window so right yes so some numbers from cyber monday sure we got the adobe analytics was they were tracking this are on free thirty pm by three thirty pm the online sales were three point three billion dollars that marks a seventeen percent increase from last year okay yeah the part of that is just the shifting from break in motor brick and mortar two on line which was really evident this year uh black friday brick and mortar stores were were much less than they had been in the.

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