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Rockets up excuse me, down eighteen fifty into the Houston Rockets exclusive that I'd say the rockets are down to the Houston Rockets were Robert issue in the Senate is gaining on me quickly. Isn't it? Talk about CTE. Well, how many times have I hit my head? It's Utah eighteen Houston fifteen right now in the first quarter. Leeann you said the Houston Rockets will defeat the Golden State Warriors in the next round. Right. Robert. Yes, they will. They really match those guys pretty well. NBA Rockies not saying because from Houston and national on my bias car, but they do metro with the warriors pretty well. Look at last year, they took him to seven and played the last two games without C P three. They're probably world champions right now, you've probably going to a parade last year. If he played the last game. I don't remind don't remind you today Smith show here desperation radio and ESPN radio dot com. What how about what's going on with the Oakland Raiders right now? And it's like Al Davis never passed away. It's like he never left with the paranoia and the secrecy and the stuff that doesn't make any sense and the insanity coming out of the raiders front office. Now, Jon Gruden and I was on record saying that might be the worst higher in NFL front office history that ten year one hundred million dollar contract. They gave him and I think I'll be proven correct on that one. And then they brought in will he did Mike Mayock. You know, the the the former player in the television analysts to be the general manager for as I know. I don't think he has any experience being an NFL front office. Did you hear what they did this week? Robert what did they do? They said all their scouts home and said don't bother coming back even for the draft coming up on Thursday. They send them all home. We got this go home now. No other organization, whatever do that. And they said, well, we'll nobody can be trusted. We can't trust any of you. I guess they're paranoid and suspicious and just like Al Davis back in the day and always looking for for spies among them. And Mike Mayock daughter Lee. Producer. However after he heard all this c- tweeted, she said when my dad's at home with the scouting reports he takes him into the bathroom with him at such the door. He won't even let us look at any scouting report. That's how paranoid they are the raiders. It's like Al Davis never left. What a comedy. This will go down as maybe the worst higher ever Jon Gruden ten years one hundred million dollars. How did nobody see this ownership? How could Mark David? Well, I.

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